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@mpjgregoire Hey, I'm off from the Friday before Christmas. Do you have any preferences on when I should arrive?

@nigelsezyarr The sooner the better is my personal view. But I'll chat with CH, she may have some other considerations.

Are you going to Comox beforentou head this way?

@nigelsezyarr yup! Friday night wirks. You'll get here on time to start the holidays with the kids. Are you soending new year with yes. If yes, I will plan a little family birthday party for Alistair.

nigelsezyarr @nigelsezyarr

@mpjgregoire Hey M-ko. Tickets acquired. I will email you the details later today

@mpjgregoire I've just emailed you and do bhean chéile at like four different email addresses. Hopefully one gets through!

@nigelsezyarr Probably they'll all get through, but I won't read any for a month...

When the kids are asleep I'm tired too.