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nigelsezyarr @nigelsezyarr

I'm attempting to ignore the coronavirus by reading a novel about the aftermath of a school shooting. Uh, good call, self

Tá sé ag cur sneachta i Vancouver! Anois!

Táim ar an mbus chuig m'obair. Bhí mé ag obair ar maidin ann leis duine san Cholombia, mar m'obair san abhaile.

Argh. I tweaked that with Google Translate, and it's still terrible. "I'm on the bus to work. I was working this morning with a person from Colombia, so I worked from home."

@mpjgregoire D or M&D both have iPhones, I'll pass it along to them if CH isn't interested

@mpjgregoire Hey, I won an Apple Watch at work. Would CH be interested?

Inné an Déardaoin
Inniu an Aoine
Táimid corraithe!

Yesterday: Thursday
Today: Friday
We: So excited

🎵 If you're sleepy
Let's do it
Let's take
A nap.
My pillow's
Come on
Drool on it 🎵

Tá mé go mall inniu ☹️
(I'm late today ☹️)

Táim ag téigh go dtí an Storm Crow Tavern anocht. Tá mé tuirseach, ach feicfidh mé mo chairde! ... Agus is maith liom beoir 😀

A léigh mé an leabhar "Old Man's War" ar an lón seo. Is scéal mhaith sé. Is maith liom an t-údar is John Scalzi.

... This is probably terrible Irish and I should solicit corrections from Irish Twitter >_>

@mpjgregoire I've just emailed you and do bhean chéile at like four different email addresses. Hopefully one gets through!

@mpjgregoire Hey M-ko. Tickets acquired. I will email you the details later today

@mpjgregoire No, they will be in New Zealand or Australia by then

@mpjgregoire Hey, I'm off from the Friday before Christmas. Do you have any preferences on when I should arrive?

Oof, I kinda stayed at work til after eight PM, and now I'm starving for dinner and nowhere near home >_> In my defence, it was quiet and I got a lot of work done

@mpjgregoire Uh, I missed the speeches, mostly. The march had a bunch of different chants, but I'd say the big takeaway was "We demand action." From what I've heard, the speeches were mostly from local indigegnious leaders and youth