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Wow. Not much on in Mastodon yet.

I'm hoping that the recent and twitter ugliness brings more of the conversation here.

@michela If we're agreed on the hashtag (rather than the longer or I've occasionally seen), then I'll try to remember to tag my relevant posts.

@ink_slinger Oh. Cool! I'll definitely use the one, if that works. :)

M. Grégoire @mpjgregoire

@michela @ink_slinger I like , with variations such as . For hashtags, shorter is better.

@mpjgregoire @michela I could get on board with . was the norm on Twitter, but there's no reason to stick to that just because it was the norm elsewhere. is slightly shorter, which is nice.

@mpjgregoire @ink_slinger I agree. Shorter is better. Whichever works best is good for me. :)

The only argument I can think of for is that more people might expect conversations to be there. So using it might mean that more people are in on the conversation, and that we don't loop ourselves out of new conversations that start as more twitter refugees come on board.

@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire Then again, that can change. We can steer people to as they come on.

There's a very large #cdnpoli repository on sites that predate Mastodon, so it's probably better not to change it.
eg. #cdnpoli on my current GNUsocial instance https://gs.jonkman.ca/tag/cdnpoli and on an older instance http://s.russwurm.org/tag/cdnpoli or even a foreign site like https://gnusocial.de/tag/cdnpoli -- this actually illustrates the problem with #hashtags; they only propagate to instances where someone is subscribed to the person posting. A !grouptag will go to all instances where anyone has subscribed to the !grouptag, whether they're subscribed to the person posting or not.

@bobjonkmangreen So do we want to use !cdnpoli instead of , or both, or?