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I flip-flop between techno utopianism (we can have all this, AND MORE, and still save the planet because TECHNOLOGY) and degrowth (perhaps a lower quality of life in some respects, but less formal work and more time with friends and family, plus the world doesn't burn).

"plus the world doesn't burn" is a pretty compelling argument today here in , I've gotta say . . .

Literally can't see the sun right now. It's freaky.

@keithzg @ink_slinger What's wrong with the sky in Edmonton?

Anyway, as I've said before, for climate change, technology will be what saves society, if anything does. US carbon emissions fell from 2005 to 2014 because natural gas energy became cheaper than coal; maybe thorium reactors will be cheaper yet. Or solar, or better batteries, or extracting CO2 from the air.

In our own lives, we need to realise that material goods have declining returns for happiness. So we should look elsewhere.

@mpjgregoire @keithzg

> What's wrong with the sky in Edmonton?

Wildfire season came early this year and the entire city is blanketed in heavy smoke blowing in from the north. (TBF, this is around the time of the big Ft. Mac fire, but usually we don't get this level of smoke in the city until August. Also, this has officially become a thing that "usually" happens here.)

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When it comes down to it, it will probably take multiple vectors of improved efficiency; improvements in the technologies of energy generation and storage, and less wasteful usage in the first place. With the trendlines being how they've been for a long while now, no single-faceted approach seems likely to be sufficient to pull such a massive turnaround.

@keithzg @ink_slinger Which is why carbon taxes would be so useful...

@mpjgregoire @ink_slinger None of those any more here in Alberta! edmontonjournal.com/news/polit

(A very auspicious day for that to be passed.)

@keithzg @ink_slinger From the provincial level, that's true. When will the feds impose their carbon taxes on Albertans?

@mpjgregoire @ink_slinger I believe the Feds are still in the planning stage on the carbon tax to replace Alberta's now-repealed one, and then there might be a while before it gets implemented since Kenney's government has expressed plans to fight it in court. (I'm assuming that's just going to be a delaying and political tactic and not actually a winnable legal battle, although maybe I'm wrong.)

M. Grégoire @mpjgregoire

@keithzg @ink_slinger Wouldn't they just apply the same rules as in Sask, Man, Ont? Those provinces are also suing, but the taxes are being collected.

The Ford government is putting stickers on all the gas pumps so that people know it's the feds who've raised the cost. thestar.com/opinion/contributo

@mpjgregoire @ink_slinger That would make sense; nonetheless, last I saw, Trudeau had said that it would probably be *like* Ontario, but had also said the details were still being worked out. Maybe it's a negotiating position?


@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire I have to say I morbidly enjoyed that the planned press photo-op event at a gas station was cancelled today. The optics wouldn't have been very good, both literally and figuratively . . .