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How to Regulate Pornography by Terry Schilling

The answers that would pass US constitutional muster, according to the article, are for ISPs to have filters that customers could opt out of, or to enforce some sort of zoning, e.g. a .xxx TLD.


"But those who genuinely care about public health should not conflate the factual question of how dangerous mass protest may be during this pandemic with value judgments about whether the risk is worth it. Nevertheless, such an approach is ascendant."

Protests Carry Risk Even When They’re Justified

More than 27 000 people died in Spain of , but testing indicates that only 5% of the population was infected.

(Infection fatality rate: 1.15%)

Covid-19 antibodies: Spanish study has a scary takeaway about coronavirus immunity - Vox

I sympathise, @thurloat . I know what it's like to be busy at work, and to have important demands on your time at home; probably most of us on this instance do. We all appreciate the time and effort you've put into caring for Moosetodon and its friendly community.

That being said, in order to remain connected with the larger community, I have decided to make this a secondary account.

@FssOfDeath @keithzg

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As has been pointed out by others, this purity spiral phenomenon is a deformation of : guilt without forgiveness, humility, or universal original sin.

I am bilingue: lp.ca/4RoC6Q

En fait, si c'est vrai que ne parle pas français suffisamment, on doit se demander pourquoi il n'a pas réussi à l'apprendre pendant ses années en politique.

How knitters got knotted in a purity spiral - UnHerd

"Lindsay pointed to the atheist movement of the mid-2000s, from which he’d come: a community that once had the wind in its sails, but had imploded into infighting by 2011, as half of its members jagged off in an social justice direction. Soon enough, the likes of the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins were being problematised as stale, male and pale."


Direction du PCC: un combat entre progressistes et traditionnels?: lp.ca/oMKj6h

"des progressistes-conservateurs — les rouges — lorsque le parti a fusionné avec l’Alliance canadienne — les bleus"

Non, les bleus et les rouges étaient les deux des factions dans l'ancien part progressiste-conservateur. Qui dirait que Elsie Wayne était progressiste ?

Moi, je suis contre cette réforme proposée.

@cognish @keithzg Oh the phenomenon is real. Do you think it's all in our heads, or is there a physical explanation too?