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@derek Please elaborate. I was thinking of watching that movie again...

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#GospelToday (Lk 15:31-32)
He said to him, 'My son, you are here with me always; everything I have is yours. But now we must celebrate and rejoice, because your brother was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found.'

"This means that in some contexts the Greek adjective chloros should be translated as ‘fresh’ instead of ‘green’, or leukos as ‘shining’ rather than ‘white’. The Greeks were perfectly able to perceive the blue tint, but were not particularly interested in describing the blue tone of sky or sea – at least not in the same way as we are, with our modern sensibility."

The Sea Was Never Blue - aeon - Pocket

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Un prêtre poignardé en pleine messe à l’Oratoire Saint-Joseph — Un prêtre a été poignardé alors qu’il célébrait la messe vendredi matin à l’Oratoire Saint-Joseph du... — feedproxy.google.com/~r/fluxdu #Société

@kai @allan We write for different purposes and different audiences. Lawyers, for instance, deliberately write in a way that is supposed to avoid ambiguity about who or what is being referred to, and they use words redundantly to ensure all appropriate senses are treated ("give, devise and bequeath").

Avoid infelicities, but do not fear the uncommon word if it is the appropriate one.

@ink_slinger Well of course the US 2nd amendment is a "negative right": not a right to have society or the government supply you with arms, but a limit on the government's power to restrict them.

The US Bill of Rights is largely restrictions on government action.

@ryen @matt
Is there a feasible way to share photos with immediate family without e-mailing or putting them on Facebook?

I've made webpages and e-mailed links, but there should be a better way.

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Still reading, but I just wanted I chime in say that the thing that stopped me from posting photos on Facebook was when I read about a girl suing her parents for posting her pictures on social media. It made re-think what I was doing. Even though my intention was to just quickly share pictures with my family, once I posted it I no longer had control of what happened with that picture. I had tried to switch to emailing photos to family members instead, asking her not to share them on socialnets, but that stopped after I discovered my step-mom uploading them to Facebook.

Anyways, back to the posted article. I hope this young girl’s writings inspires other parents re-think their sharing habits and how it affects their kids.

@jc It's unfortunate that the Americans keep trying to drag laws into treaties. Copyright is a matter of compromise between different interests, and putting it into treaties makes adjusting the terms of the compromise very difficult.

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Many good points on #copyright reform supporting Canadian innovation in this article (especially on digital locks)! Also concerning and relevant (though not mentioned) there's the issue of the new Canadian change to timeframe for works entering the #PublicDomain due to US pressure in the new NAFTA.


One of our fundamental constitutional is that new taxes can only be imposed with the consent of the legislature. There are theoretical reasons for why that is required, but isn't the real reason that King John was incapable of administering a tax system without the co-operation of the nobility and the wealthy yeomen?

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this is the spotted salamander, from birth they have a symbiotic algae inside their cells which makes them the only vertebrate to do photosynthesis!!! theyre neat!!!

Sometimes I think the reason we have particular rights is because early society lacked the technology and organisation to restrict that freedom, and then people resisted its loss even after technology and society advanced.

If there were no such thing as cars, but someone invented them tomorrow, probably only professional drivers would be allowed to operate them. But since they were invented before the database and the administrative state, it's easy to get a licence.

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So probably the weirdest Cambrian creature was this little beast. It's called Opabinia.

About the size of a mouse, and probably a relative of anomalocaris. Opabinia is mostly unlike any other creature we've ever found on Earth. Five eyes and an odd little trunk with a grabby thing on the end. In an incredibly bizarre form of convergent evolution, it probably used this appendage to eat in much the same way an elephant uses its trunk!

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if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

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Le monument à John A. Macdonald encore vandalisé — Le monument à Sir John Alexander Macdonald, situé sur la Place du Canada à Montréal, a encore été vandalisé avec de la peinture. Encore une fois, l'action est revendiquée par le groupe #MacdonaldMustFall qui demande que cette statue soit retirée de l'espace public. — lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-m

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SNC-Lavalin: Jane Philpott sort de son mutisme — Nouveau coup de tonnerre dans l'affaire SNC-Lavalin alors que l'ancienne présidente du Conseil du Trésor, Jane Philpott, qui a claqué la porte du cabinet le 4 mars dernier, sort de son mutisme en affirmant « qu'il y a encore beaucoup à savoir » dans cette controverse qui ébranle le gouvernement de Justin Trudeau depuis plus d'un mois. — lapresse.ca/actualites/politiq

Alberta politics - childcare Show more

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The hen had few desires; to grow fat on grubs and grains, to keep eggs warm and to soar through the clouds.
She excelled at the first two, but her flying efforts, though determined, were limited. Still,she managed to reach many of the highest treetops and rocky outcrops, further than the rest of the flock.

During her highest flight, she found a cliffside cave with a nest cradling two cooling eggs. Without hesitation she began to brood.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy