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@cognish @keithzg Oh the phenomenon is real. Do you think it's all in our heads, or is there a physical explanation too?

Sean Speer: The key question to ask would-be Conservative party leaders | National Post

"How will you grow the party's base of support?"


Quite correct.

This is almost the opposite of , who ran an incrementalist government, but was perceived as an extreme .

The confusion of the media and the public offers an opportunity for ; he can make right-wing promises to gain support within the party, while being perceived as a centrist overall.

It is frustrating to see portrayed as being on the left of the party. When the split in the 1990s into the , and the old party, the split was principally about Québec and , not about left and right economically or socially. Consequently, those who remained PCs had a wide ideological spectrum; Mr. MacKay, though a Progressive Conservative, was no progressive.

More like Inspector Clouseau than James Bond.

And yet MBS may be the Saudi ruler most helpful to the West since the Hashemites were overthrown...

Saudi Crown Prince Seemed to Taunt Jeff Bezos Over Secret Affair Before National Enquirer Exposé

Is this really how the world works? The Crown Prince of SA hacks the smartphone of a billionaire to blackmail him into more positive press coverage?


@keithzg I *think* that the weather I found cold in Autumn feels warm in Spring, and that it's not merely relative to prior conditions or because I have a warmer coat handy -- I think my metabolism adjusts to produce more heat in Winter. But how can I know whether it's metabolic or just perception?

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Hey Fediverse check this out:


My wonderfully talented better half just launched a Mag. It's a travel zine about small, quirky and beautiful places and stories in Eastern and Northern . It's all about the beauty of lesser known things and paths least traveled.

She's also on Instagram at @fieldtrippingzine

I hope you and enjoy and join the followers!

Thanks gang!

@ink_slinger How long does the battery last? Now that you've been using it for a week or so, how are you finding your comfort with the ?

Dismantling the Cross by Patricia Snow | Articles | First Things
"In our relational lives there is only one absolute good, and that is our relationship to God, a good denied to no one, lay or religious, who seeks it, prioritizes it, sacrifices for it, holds fast to it. Relative goods, on the other hand—including health and success, marriage and children—man cannot demand. God dispenses relative goods as he sees fit, in order to help man find his way to the final good of eternal life with him."

Direction du Parti conservateur: Jean Charest ne sera pas candidat: lp.ca/dNynSc

@ink_slinger Isn't that an Elvis movie? Or a stock market crash?

If I could change only one thing about the news, I would insist that reports about labour disputes include the most salient fact: current median salary.

Ask yourself, that reason that I give for my position, if I learned that it was incorrect, would my position change?

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"The certainty that history was going in one direction, towards the free movement of people and things, that technology would dissolve place and borders in an undifferentiated swirl in which only the individual and Treaty law mattered."


@ink_slinger @keithzg FWIW, that blogger I linked to earlier, mjg, wrote that the Philips Hue light bulbs are the best smart bulbs available.

@thurloat Back a couple of months or so, you were thinking about how you could update Moosetodon to a newer version of Mastodon.

Do you have any plans, especially regarding schedule, that you'd be willing to share with the users of the instance?

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