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An example of a clear, level-headed community of tooters from an Admin's perspective.

No one mass reporting, trying to get anyone silenced remotely. Self moderate, yall. If you don't like someone, mute or block them. You have that ability for yourself. Probably best if you don't pull an America and be the world police for others.

@bram potential applications actually seem to go far beyond cryptocurrencies. Just read about this on one of my other Masto accounts:

if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄β€‹
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴
if you're sleepy and you know it, i bet you already show it
if you're sleepy and you know it, go to bed 😴😴

Every time I see a GDPR email, I read β€œwe take privacy and security seriously. But not seriously enough to have done this without being forced to, in order to keep making money.”

Why I could no longer serve this president - The Washington Post

@JordiGH my knowledge of SF is very basic, but it was my understanding that homelessness was always present there too large degrees, even back in the eighties?

The #job posts are here! My office is #hiring in #Montreal!

We need an #AWS sysadminny person ("dev ops") and a #QA person to help us better track #ecological and #environmental data:

On est bilingues! Plusieurs au bureau sont francophones, mais il faut parler bien l'anglais parce-que l'autre bureau est Γ  Edinbinburgh.

@MightyPork This brought back some sweet memories πŸ™‚ (they weren't nearly as sweet when I was acquiring them to be sure πŸ˜‚)

@thurloat I'm getting a lot of 500 errors (first for Home screen, now for other timelines) and my notifications were gone for a while and now they are back, can you please check if we are having a general outage or if something is messed up with my account in particular? Thanks!

@natejms @sconlan I also got the impression they aren't well meaning - they seemed manipulative in some discussions with Eugene the creator, indicating he should accept their PRs into the codebase and make entire Mastodon "secure" this way. They seem creepy to me in a political kind of way.

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@MightyPork @Canageek don't get me wrong, I fully share your sentiment and have thought about it in a layman sort of way...

@Canageek @MightyPork how would you verify though? The whole point the way I understand it is that computation is CPU intensive but verification is cheap. Are there computationally useful problems which also have this property?