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@obra @algernon I've just been switching from KeepassXC to 1Password, which has clients for all of those platforms. I'm moderately happy with it, except for the fact that there are a few operations than can only be done via their web client, which doesn't offer U2F (TOTP only) for 2FA, and is therefore somewhat vulnerable to reverse-proxy-type phishing.

I'd be happier if their two secrets weren't both required for authentication, as well as decryption.

@algernon I'd love to try it on an OLKB…but I don't own one yet. I believe we know someone in Germany with a Planck, though, and I bet he'd be happy test it.

@algernon The main reason I prefer my iMac over my old Debian machine now is the 4k display. Whenever I use My old machine now (with a 1920×1080 resolution), the pixels look enormous and blocky. I can't understand how I ever used a 1024×768 display.

@algernon When I started using a Mac, I decided to try out to "scroll moves the page, not the window" default, and now I definitely prefer it.

But all those little differences will certainly continue to be annoying because you're only going to use it for testing, not real work. That's the worst.

@algernon I'd say don't bother unless you know there will be users.

@algernon …if you can stand the eye strain of the (nearly) white background… =)

@algernon It's UNIX, so it's not so bad. And once you've got Emacs & iTerm2 set up, the only major annoyance is likely to be the Command/Control confusion.

@algernon I've been using KeePassX for a long time, because it was so much better — I'm glad to hear that someone is finally working on a fork of it.

I'm not satisfied with the few privacy options Mastodon offers for "toots"; I want something that has a distiction between "followers" (à la Twitter) and "friends" (à la Facebook), so I can share some things with anyone who wants to follow me, and other things with only the people I want to see it. As it is, I can set up my account to basically be either one or the other, but not both.

Better yet would be the ability to define groups of users…