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"Trudeau wasn't ready to govern as a progressive, transparent, truthful and thoughtful PM. But Trudeau certainly has demonstrated… that he's a textbook example of political theatre, carefully managing public opinion and duping the bewildered citizenry."

Level Design can be thought of as…
…data, an arrangement of other game assets (textures, models, entities),
…a profession, role,
…virtual architecture


Thought I would stream some games tonight. Ended up streaming a slideshow—of my laptop going China Syndrome.

"I'll be analyzing the repetitiveness of a dataset of 15,000 songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100, 1958–2017"

Appreciate that Prey uses whiteboards to better account for the (now tired) trope of writing on the wall.

"The Trump Organization took Mr. Davies’s coat of arms for its own, making one small adjustment — replacing the word 'Integritas,' Latin for integrity, with 'Trump.'"

"We can still understand [Prey] as the culmination of 19 years of modders' research and experimentation, ending in a banner year for objects in games."

@mrb "I am curious, to say the least, to see how (or if) the game's skin color and gender choice is taken into account—and I hope it is, since debuting a black preacher with a bombed out church suggests a willingness to leverage the history of racist violence… I also wonder where the political climate will be in February of 2018, when FC5 releases."

@thurloat, indeed: the rigor and maturity of design in games has grown a lot: more consideration of the player—their preferences, attention, capacity, experience, etc.—more successes and failures from which to learn, more veterans and experience to share, greater variety of disciplines and interests contributing to the practice.

On squinting, negative space, and other ways of assessing the readability of a game space.

"Israel is one of the most serious violators of conscientious objectors’ rights under international law"

Instagram makes you feel bad. "The unrealistic expectations and 'fear of missing out' created across our social feeds can lower self-esteem and fuel issues such as anxiety and depression."