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What was it like not to be full of rage all the time? I don't remember.

@adrianhon I know that the ads help get the podcasts made, so I do try to tolerate them as much as possible, but there's only so many times I can hear about Squarespace and Blue Apron.


- same for PSA
- the Moneyzone for backlist episodes of MBMBAM and The Adventure Zone
- generally a lot of adverts on podcasts
- my flatmate records a lot of Escape To The Country as comfort viewing but only watches the episodes with two specific presenters and deletes the rest

@adrianhon that said, Hatchards has remained Hatchards, in branding at least (I don't go in very often so can't speak as to atmosphere).

@adrianhon I'm not sure how I feel about Waterstones, Hatchards, Foyles and Daunts all being under the remit of the same person. And combined with the recent acquisition of W by a hedge fund, there are interesting times ahead.

Waterstones is buying Foyles and bookshops in London will never be the same again. The world of publishing is shooketh.

Either my lactose intolerance suddenly got worse or I've got a stomach bug.

Officially going to Paris again for the finish of the Tour next year. So that hotel confirmation is sat in my inbox. I think I might have to dismiss it for a while because I cannot stare at it for 10 months. Super exciting though.

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My ipad won't charge off my laptop at work so instead I charge my battery on my laptop and then use it to charge my ipad so I can continue to read on my journey home. It should not be this complicated.

@oliyoung I've still never recovered from learning you should peel a banana from the 'wrong' end.

@Modern_Industrial yeah. My legs would appreciate it but I think my brain would criticise me for cheating!

UNEXPECTED: The app I am using automatically read my last toot out loud at double speed.

Have found the rogue setting and disabled. THAT particular feature.

Attempting to take up cycling in my mid-30s, twenty+ years after I stopped. Having much fun, aside from my inability to ride up hills. Unfortunately I live on a plateau so every ride ends with an uphill drag. Usually manage halfway then walk.

Only slightly fell off today, on the Common. I took an incorrect route round a gate since someone slower was going through the easier side and hit a rough patch.

I do suddenly want to spend all my money on gear though, which could be a minor problem.

Still enjoying the novelty of the water in our kitchen draining properly. Functioning plumbing. Truly the gift that keeps giving.

@JessSloan @thurloat ‘thoughty’ is an excellent word for it!