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It's kind of amazing how long some of the open-source project infrastructure has been running for.
Like, Mozilla's bugzilla hit 5-digit bug numbers… 19 years ago.

And Mozilla isn't even *that* old of a project, really?

@c1t7 on the other hand, if you feel like poking your head into said rabbit hole, here's a few Touhou vocal arrange songs to look up, tending towards electronic dance styles & pop:
FELT - New World
発熱巫女〜ず - Starlight Dance Floor
EastNewSound - 花は幻想の果てに
ZYTOKINE feat. itori - GOLD

Something more metal? Look up IRON ATTACK but they tend more instrumental than vocal.

@c1t7 if you like female vocal pop stuff, you can't go wrong with some Sakamoto Maaya. "Dive" is a good album to start with, or maybe a compilation like "Everywhere".

Something a little more unusual? Look for "school food punishment". Male vocals your thing? "UVERworld" is cool.

Want some cool indie stuff? Look for something by Primary (yuiko's doujin circle, ) - Rotate is a great album.

Don't get me started on Touhou stuff. That's a deep rabbit hole.

Firefox just doesn't run on single-core 32bit machines with 512mb of ram like it used to :/

Aww, it looks like Quantum Style (the new parallel rust style engine) has been pushed from Firefox Android 58 to 59. A little longer to wait, then.

@mlc did you post again and again until its url was found?

@rowan are you talking about Distributed (Peer-to-peer) blockchain, specifically?

If you just want an immutable record, nothing wrong with non-distributed blockchain. (This is basically how 'git' works internally, for example.)

Most uses of distributed blockchain are easier to implement, scale better, and use less power if you use a central authority instead.

@deejoe @staticsafe given how they're continuing to work in the giant hole beside my office, I'm starting to think that Construction season never takes a break here.

I think they're *almost* done road construction now.

@ivica anything specific? missing toots?

Note that we're on an older version of Mastodon over here on the Moosetodon, so a few things (like custom :emojo: ) aren't working here quite yet.

@staticsafe I'm thinking we should store season information in the IANA time zone database, that way you can look it up for specific people, and we can handle equatorial an southern hemisphere correctly.

@staticsafe I've been annoyed with the seasons not lining up with local weather for a while now. We should fix this.

My proposal: Winter is November through March, Spring is April, Summer is May though September, Fall is October.

I think that covers it for Ottawa.

Apparently I'm typoing everyhting toay, but that's nothing new.

Narrator (cont): Or perhaps Sydnet hadn't laernaed that yet. It's not entirely clear at the moment which is the case.

So anyways, I'm quite happy that Sakamoto Maaya is doing the opening song to the new Card Captor Sakura "Clear Card" anime - she's one of my favourite singers and did one of the iconic original series theme songs.

But as a music geek, I would have been even more impressed if meg rock (Megumi Hinata) was going to do it. She of course sang the original theme song "Catch You Catch Me" (as "Gumi") and in recent years has written lyrics for a lot of other anime theme songs.

@halcy oh no, I have sent you down a rabbit hole of line breaking now.

@halcy I guess if you have terminal escapes in the text, you need basically an entire terminal emulator to figure out how wide it's gonna be :(

@halcy ooh, terminal stuff is even harder because you have to know which characters take a single character cell and which ones take two (double-wide, e.g. cjk text). I dunno whether the stdlib function handles this, you'd have to check :/

@halcy the ICU stuff is kind of a pain to work with, since it's not a simple auto-word-wrap function - instead it provides a list of spots in the text where you're allowed to (or required to) insert line breaks. A bit more flexible, but if you want a simple api, you'd have to write your own wrapper function :/

@halcy huh, there is? Any idea how well it works for arbitrary languages?
Last time I needed to do this I ended up importing PyICU so I could get the Unicode line-breaking algorithm.

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at some point in the construction of every doirway I'd go




this is why I lost my contractor's license, actually