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Currently having to fill out a Canadian customs declaration card having never left Toronto's dumb airport. Question of what flight was taken to arrive in Canada taking on the tenor of a philosophical conundrum.

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Handling the U.K. election by scuttling off to the U.S. for nearly a week, safely outside of the bejeweled grasp of the Commonwealth.

I'd vaguely heard Coyne was leaving the National Post, didn't suspect it was a harbinger of such a dramatic pivot for the paper

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@ink_slinger Well that's what happens when you keep firing staff but not management . . .

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@ink_slinger In fairness, Chevy Chase is a legendarily whiny actor, so he probably would have complained regardless. But, yeah.

@ink_slinger Always felt so annoyed at movies and TV shows as a kid when they perpetuated the fairytale of snow days. Not a real thing!

@jalcine Oho, the login issues can be worked around now? Good to hear, I might go ahead and pick that all up myself then.

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@ajroach42 Have you read much John Brunner? In particular I recently re-read The Wrong End Of Time and it's a nice breezy read but with enough substance underpinning it that it didn't feel entirely like junk food. Although admittedly you expressly mention "garbage", heh.

In the pure garbage realm, R.M. Meluch's "The Myriad" is a fun novel with some interesting ideas, hilariously terribly written characters, and *atrocious* politics . . . so might fit in well with Heinlein ;)

@cognish It could be worse, soon after I started working at my current job I had to try and figure out problems with our bugtracker crashing. It's FogBugz from Fog Creek. Quickly found out it runs on Mono, and is compiled to that from a bespoke language based off of Visual Basic.

The latest Linux distro it supports officially is Ubuntu 12.04.

It is still our primary bugtracker.

@cognish Coulda been worse, it coulda been Ruby or JavaScript :P

@ink_slinger @ThatGeoGuy To be clear, my strong and controversial opinion is that this equivalence makes Windows 8 vastly superior to Windows 7, since 8 finally fixed a few of the *insane* choices Microsoft made with Vista (ex. if a GPU can handle desktop compositing, then 2D windows are drawn the same as they were in XP; fallback graphics mode renders stuff *differently*). I'll be so happy when Windows 7 loses support in a bit over a month; our clients will quit it in ~8 years ;)