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Oh, hey, I got both of my websites working properly again. I only understand about 75% of why they weren't working and what part of what I did fixed them vs what was futile and a waste of time, but they're up and running and now come with SSL certificates for HTTPS, which is a nice bonus.

Part of the problem, I think, was that I initially may have set up the SSL certs incorrectly. I'm not actually sure about that, though. Either way, they're both working and I can now focus on rethinking the focus on my "portfolio" site. Do I want to keep it mostly as-is? Do I want to reduce it to a simplified "about me" page that points elsewhere for things like my blog (on the other site) and maybe fediverse accounts?

The site in question is associated with the domain I recently created an email address for, which I intend to use as my primary email address going forward, so a portfolio and/or about me page makes sense. It's mostly a question of what I want it to look like and who I want it to serve (friends? family? potential employers? weirdos on the internet?).

keithzg @keithzg

@ink_slinger This weirdo on the internet votes for the latter choice, but I mean that's almost just obligatory :D

@keithzg When I finally got the site running again I was surprised how effective it is at it's boring purpose (basically being a resume/portfolio). I even have a "professional" blog that I haven't updated in literally years.

I feel like the portfolio idea works OK but a more interesting blog, that's a bit more personal but not my personal blog (which exists elsewhere) could be interesting/fun. But trying to maintain two blogs isn't easy when I barely update the one that I do "maintain."