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I see that Mastodon 3.0 has been released, removing OStatus support. My instance only supports OStatus, so that means as 3.0 rolls out, my connections with the rest of the ActivityPub fediverse will gradually be cut.

Au revoir, tout le monde ! À bientôt, j'espère.

Is you instance running a version of Mastodon prior to 1.6? Is it not possible for your instance to upgrade?

@fitheach Yes it could be upgraded, but my sysadmin ( @thurloat ) is busy, understandably so.

@mpjgregoire @fitheach long story extra short:

we forked pre 1.0 to add some community features and make changes, kept up with latest til around 1.4-5 upstream had a major refactor on both backend and frontend that would have needed almost all features be rewritten from scratch.

we backported many security and performance patches from upstream as time went on (including some initial AP support), but can't find the time or motivation to rewrite everything from scratch.

@thurloat Hypothetically, why not migrate to Mastodon 3.0, then someday add back any features that have disappeared?

We'll miss the "sociables" and so on, but they're nice to have, not essential to the enjoyment of Moosetodon.

@fitheach @FssOfDeath @keithzg

@thurloat Back a couple of months or so, you were thinking about how you could update Moosetodon to a newer version of Mastodon.

Do you have any plans, especially regarding schedule, that you'd be willing to share with the users of the instance?

@FssOfDeath @keithzg @fitheach

@mpjgregoire @keithzg @FssOfDeath sorry everyone, still no progress and no timeline to an upgrade to 3.0+.

my plate is overflowing these days. I can't foresee that changing in the next couple months.

I sympathise, @thurloat . I know what it's like to be busy at work, and to have important demands on your time at home; probably most of us on this instance do. We all appreciate the time and effort you've put into caring for Moosetodon and its friendly community.

That being said, in order to remain connected with the larger community, I have decided to make this a secondary account.

@FssOfDeath @keithzg

keithzg @keithzg

@mpjgregoire What is your new primary, if I may ask? (Mine has for a while now been @keithzg)