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Looks like ANSI #pinebookpro orders will ship in a few days. Hopefully, I'll receive mine by mid-month and can start fooling around with it.

@ink_slinger Same here! I actually reached out to support because I thought they may have forgotten my order ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

@ThatGeoGuy Yeah, the lack of communication once an order has been placed isn't great. They're communicating on the forum, which is good, but an update email directly to people waiting for a shipping notice wouldn't hurt.


That is good to hear, I was worried about this as well. I am beyond impatient about receiving it!

@FssOfDeath @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg I actually just emailed to see if I can get an update. Mine was ordered on Nov. 17 so it seems I *should* have already received a shipping notification (based on comments in the forum), but have yet to see anything.

I'm skeptical that it'll ship before Lunar New Year, at this point, which means I likely won't get it until sometime in February.

@ink_slinger @keithzg @FssOfDeath I actually received my shipping notification this morning!!!

That said, I generally agree that their logistics weren't communicated well outside the forum. That said, the reason the shipment bled over was because they doubled their production run (maybe not doubled, but definitely increased it by a wide margin). ISO demand was apparently crazy so they wanted to do it in two runs, which is standard for a small supply chain.

@FssOfDeath @keithzg @ink_slinger

Source: my employer does similar things with different production models or SKUs so I can sympathize. But yeah, I would have preferred a smaller run if it meant I got my Pinebook Pro sooner.

@keithzg @FssOfDeath @ThatGeoGuy FYI: apparently ANSI users should *not* update the trackpad and keyboard firmware. Details to come...hopefully before we all actually have your PBP's in hand (not sure why the factory is still not fixing this issue before units ship, but whatever).

@ink_slinger @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg

I received a text from DHL today about a package coming my way. I am pretty sure it is the PBP.

I'll have to check on that firmware issue.

@FssOfDeath @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg Yeah, I saw the update this morning. I'll just need to remember to temporarily steal my USB keyboard from work, so I can run the update.

@FssOfDeath @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg I got sick of my wireless one never working properly, so I stole a USB one from an empty cubicle. So far, no one has noticed.

@ink_slinger @FssOfDeath @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg Multiple spare USB keyboards at my work, two of them personally mine (I might have a problem).

Also at my work,
@ink_slinger Yup! Flashing the keyboard + touchpad firmware now, although it's taking a weirdly long time, hrmm.
keithzg @keithzg

@keithzg @ink_slinger Update: It's all working fine now, although the F9 through F12 keys are weird and don't match up for the Fn blue text functions. Otherwise, very nice for a $300 laptop!

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@keithzg @ink_slinger @keithzg ah damn. I was at work when they came by, and DHL wanted a signature! I'll have to wait until Monday to go pick it up myself.

@ThatGeoGuy @keithzg @keithzg I probably won't be home when my comes, so I might have it go to a pick up point automatically. I've got to look into my options, since DHL is not great if you're not home for pick-up.

@ink_slinger @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg Yeah luckily I got mine delivered to my workplace, so the receptionist was there to get it when the DHL deliveryperson arrived with it. Big surprise to me since I didn't see any shipping notifications or such, but a good way to waste^H^H^H^H^H spend a Friday at work :)

Note that there was $30.33 of import duties charged.

@keithzg @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg I thought there might be duties. $300 it is. Still not a bad price after conversion and such.

@ink_slinger @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg And honestly, having a laptop with *zero* branding on the outside (and only the most subtle of branding on the inside, by way of the meta key being the Pine64 pinecone) . . . that's worth a lot to me, I gotta say!

@keithzg @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg Even the super key wasn't going to be branded, originally. They added that because the community requested it!

@keithzg @ink_slinger @keithzg Aha! I just got mine today. So you just used the ANSI updater steps they outlined one the forums?

@ThatGeoGuy @keithzg @ink_slinger Yup, and then set the keyboard layout to "English (US)" lest the weird "English (UK)" default trip you up.

I still have a minor issue with the keyboard after that, detailed at, not seen it confirmed yet though.

@keithzg @keithzg @ink_slinger huh, super weird. Have you looked into booting a different OS on the system? I'm tempted to try and run a different Debian image, merely because I want LUKS / crypt support, but I don't know where to start.

@ThatGeoGuy @keithzg @ink_slinger Haven't tried any other distros yet, barely had time to play around with it at all!

@keithzg @ThatGeoGuy @keithzg Same. I only had a few minutes with it yesterday and didn't do much, since trying to use the trackpad without the firmware update is painful. I'll take it to work today and run the update over the lunch break. Should be much better after that.

I have no immediate plans to distro hop, but might try some other options down the road.

@keithzg Did you delete that forum thread? I went to go re-read it (and probably post in it).

@ink_slinger Definitely didn't delete the forum thread, I still see it up over at

I verified exactly which keycodes are being sent via the program `xev`, btw.

@keithzg The link didn't work earlier, for some reason, but I found it by searching the forums.

Thanks for cluing me in to xev. I just used it and confirmed my outputs are the same as yours.

@keithzg It looks like a few others (at least one) are starting to report the same F9-12 issues, so perhaps a fix will come down the pipe in the future.