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ProtonMail recently launched ProtonCalendar (beta). Mobile apps are apparently in the works. Once it's out of beta and apps are officially available, that'll be one more Google service I can hopefully stop using.

@ink_slinger Does it actually support CalDav? I can't seem to find evidence of such.

@keithzg No idea. They don't mention it in the blog post.

@keithzg As far as I can tell, the answer is "no," but they're "considering it." Whatever that means...meets a minimum threshold of user requests?

keithzg @keithzg

@ink_slinger Interesting; that kindof kills any possibility of integration with third-party software if they don't, which seems like a weird omission since everything else under the sun seems to support CalDav. (My soon-to-be-laid-off-thanks-to-Kenney's-cuts officemate, for example, actually uses my Nextcloud instance to sync calendars between his desktop and his phone.)

@keithzg Considering how broken the ProtonMail "bridge" is, I'm not surprised trying to something similar for a calendar isn't on their priority list (even though it is pretty much the universal standard).

@ink_slinger Heh, fair enough. Although . . . I personally wrote a from-scratch read-only iCalendar (ie. the format CalDAV uses) implementation to bridge our client database at work with folks' calendars in Thunderbird and Google Calendar and such in less than 100 lines of code, and I'm a pretty bad programmer, so although I know when scaling out things can get complicated, still, makes me more than a bit leery of ProtonMail that they can't accomplish this. NIH syndrome seems strong.


I used to be very excited for any upcoming expansion of the ProtonMail offerings but it just took too long for me. The bridge debacle didn't help.

Their email services are still stellar and I don't plan on switching away from them any time soon.