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I see that Mastodon 3.0 has been released, removing OStatus support. My instance only supports OStatus, so that means as 3.0 rolls out, my connections with the rest of the ActivityPub fediverse will gradually be cut.

Au revoir, tout le monde ! À bientôt, j'espère.

keithzg @keithzg

@mpjgregoire Aww, shucks. Guess I should fire up a Pleroma instance of my own after all, at least as a stopgap alt.

(I had been holding off in part because I like it here at, and in part because I was having problems with the federated service I *do* already run an instance of, Matrix. But I've since sorted that out.)

@mpjgregoire Update: I have in fact set up an instance at Immediately noticing that there's a bunch of posts I see as my user there ( that I don't see here, presumably due mainly to being upgraded already to 3.0.

Do feel free to create an alt there yourself, if you similarly feel the need to. I cannot promise I'll be a good admin or that my instance will stick around forever, however! I'd rather stay here if possible.