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@ajroach42 Perhaps weirdly, KDE? It works shockingly smoothly, and surprisingly nicely from a touch perspective, on my Gemini at least. Plus the environment is quite customizable in dramatic ways.

@ajroach42 The audio DAC on the Pi is legendarily terrible; that's the end at which the problem lies. I ran into the same issue myself back in the day. I forget where the actual hardware issue is, I think maybe it being really unshielded within the Pi itself? One way or another, the only actual solution is using the digital out, basically (mine ended up hooked up to an HDMI switcher that had an analog audio out).

@chosafine Huh, really? Last few times I definitely had to, even just flying domestically in Canada.

Different airports definitely do things radically differently though (and often act quite miffed if you don't know the specifics without being told, as if each's idiosyncrasies are actually universal laws).

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@chosafine Don't they generally check ID versus boarding pass at the gates?

@polychrome Ahhh, that explains a lot. Alas!

@PINE64 @ajroach42 On the one hand, awesome!

On the other hand, insufficient buttons :(

(One of the most useful aspects of smartwatches is they can add hardware buttons to be used to control one's smartphone; great for instance for controlling audio playback and volume on the go. The fewer physical buttons the less useful this is.)

"Every night's a different story
It's a 30 car pileup with you
And everybody's getting younger
It's the end of an era, it's true"

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@mpjgregoire Hah!

AFAIK the folks migrating are largely doing so for technical reasons. The fork of Mastodon running on this instance is increasingly left behind, which causes problems, particularly in using Fediverse client software; notably, it seems like many newer clients tend to presume the streaming API is available, which is not true for (this required an explicit workaround from Fedilab, for example, and makes the automatic update feed of Tootstream unavailable).

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I see so many folks swapping servers lately, but I think I'd only swap servers if I was gonna run my own---and considering the problems I'm having right now with my personal Matrix server failing to federate suddenly, that is not high on my list to consider ;)

@mpjgregoire It always seems mildly surprising to me that people see such distinction between the Liberal and Conservative parties. For example, there were multiple pieces of pending legislation that persisted between the last few tradeoffs of government, ie. bills that one party had written that passed largely unchanged once the majority swapped.

Perhaps it's just people buying into Liberal promises, since the Liberal party has long positioned itself rhetorically distinct from how it governs.

@staticsafe Somehow over the recent past, both Microsoft and Apple have managed to get way, way worse at release management. Or maybe just the pace has had to quicken and it's exposing the deep flaws in their development methodologies.

(It's particularly hilarious with Microsoft, as they keep releasing updates with bugs already noticed by folks in the Windows Insider program yet completely unacknowledged and seemingly unnoticed by Microsoft until the public release.)

@kaniini That sounds pretty neat! (Although another reason for me to feel sad about being on an instance that doesn't support the streaming API, heh.)

@NYbill Yeah, fair enough; and yeah I use CUPS too and it works fine for standard tasks and printing with the new Xerox at work too. But for the sake of setting up where scans are saved to and stuff like that I needed to use the proprietary admin interface for the printer, and it was a pain doing so on the tiny terrible touchscreen.

@NYbill Can you actually get to the admin page remotely too? We replaced a very functionally similar model of Xerox at my work with a newer Xerox (new one looks almost identical to your HP there, I guess that's just how modern multifunctions are) and I can't for the life of me get the web admin page to work from Linux. If your HP's one does then I know where I'll look if something happens to this Xerox one . . .

@ink_slinger @allan Libby *is* Overdrive, it's just their app.

Also, oh no, you're already using features not available back here on! We're losing you already!