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@ink_slinger A trade rather than an art is probably the right approach in nearly all professional contexts, or at least in practice the response of management will invariably be pushing then from the opposite direction; my own bosses have often complained "could you put less of your personal voice in this?" over the years in my various jobs (granted, my creative labeling for the flavours of the boxes of almond milk at Planet Organic *might* have been going too far).

@NYbill "Who has two thumbs and is gonna be idly watching the package manager output for eons? This guy!"

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@jalcine That's the Big Eventual Hope, but last I heard Servo was still very, very far from ready, *and* isn't available in an embeddable form yet eitherβ€”nor is it clear if there's any intention for it to ever be (like with Gecko, Mozilla seems to only consider that necessary for Android).

@jalcine In fairness, the Nokia lineage does still have some inertia behind alternate browsers using Gecko; Jolla's browser uses Gecko. It's . . . also not a very good browser though, and the focus is mobile-only.

@jalcine (And lest you get excited that someone working for Mozilla was advocating for making their webengine portable and reusable in other projects . . . he doesn't work for Mozilla anymore.)

@jalcine Nope. There's a reason why Apple reluctantly forked KHTML (despite their desperate aversion to even the LGPL) rather than using Gecko for Safari, and it hasn't really gotten better since.


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@thurloat Yakuake. It takes all the nice quality-of-life features Konsole provides, and adds the ability to easily dismiss and recall the whole thing in the classic Quake-console-style way.

@chosafine This may be your most scandalous take ever

Excited to find out what happens next in a seminal series that shows how well you can adapt a work closely associated with GRRM for television, understanding the source while making it native to the different medium. But unfortunately, still no word on The Expanse S4's airdate.

@ajroach42 I'm sad downright transflective LCD screens seem to have died out as a technology.

@Mainebot @gargron That's a π‘£π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘¦ 𝐬𝐒π₯π₯𝐲 position

I should clearly go home already, I've reached the "fuck it, my commit messages include emoji now" stage of the work day.

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postmodern fuckery: full disk image of 10 year old harddrive loaded as hardware-accelerated VM on newly built computer

@mathieu Saw you commenting on from @gnome, some weirdness with the Fediverse prevents me from replying there but: the problem is fundamentally that Eugen refuses to add any formatting options to Mastodon, so for such things people resort to special unicode characters, which of course might not be shown in whatever font you happen to be using.