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@ink_slinger This weirdo on the internet votes for the latter choice, but I mean that's almost just obligatory :D

@mpjgregoire What is your new primary, if I may ask? (Mine has for a while now been @keithzg)

@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire My emergency water supply is "this nice spring-like weather is unlikely to last, I'm sure we'll have tons of snow for a while now" ;)

Warm enough out now in Edmonton that I didn't actually feel the need for a toque, gloves, or even doing up my coat when I walked across the street to place a take-out order just now. But of course last week being often around -30 might have recalibrated that for me ;)

@opendork Frankly considering their business practices I'd be more mad at any politician who *does* buy from Tim Hortons.

(Greetings from Edmonton, by the way, where it feels so much like spring I've seen snow melting off of car windows.)

@mpjgregoire @ink_slinger @keithzg That is literally why I bought those as my "smart" (ie. for my purposes dimmable and color-tunable) bulbs when I bought them late last year! From his analysis of the options out there they seemed like the least questionable option both practically and security-wise.

Lot of interesting stuff on Garrett's blog; is a classic tale, if you haven't read it.

@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire Personally I have a bunch of Google Home Minis around my house to provide music everywhere (although I have better speakers in the major rooms) but I have them all currently with their mics toggled off. I also do have some smart lights, the Philips Hue ones, but it's not a matter of controlling them with my voice; I have them due to the simple fact of then being able to dim or color-shift any of those lights.

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If there's one account worth following over on birdsite, it's

Admittedly less meaningful to non-Edmontonians, but here in it's quite salient! And even in general, such weather nerdery is increasingly worth delving into, as climate change deepens in its impacts.

@keithzg @ink_slinger Update: It's all working fine now, although the F9 through F12 keys are weird and don't match up for the Fn blue text functions. Otherwise, very nice for a $300 laptop!

@ink_slinger Oh, man, there was something from the CBC I saw yesterday that made my jaw drop in how terrible it was, but I can't remember now and it definitely isn't in my browser history since I made sure not to click on it.

@ink_slinger Oho, good news! Hope mine gets here soon then. (Also waiting on a PinePhone early adopter model.)

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@ink_slinger Heh, fair enough. Although . . . I personally wrote a from-scratch read-only iCalendar (ie. the format CalDAV uses) implementation to bridge our client database at work with folks' calendars in Thunderbird and Google Calendar and such in less than 100 lines of code, and I'm a pretty bad programmer, so although I know when scaling out things can get complicated, still, makes me more than a bit leery of ProtonMail that they can't accomplish this. NIH syndrome seems strong.

@ink_slinger Interesting; that kindof kills any possibility of integration with third-party software if they don't, which seems like a weird omission since everything else under the sun seems to support CalDav. (My soon-to-be-laid-off-thanks-to-Kenney's-cuts officemate, for example, actually uses my Nextcloud instance to sync calendars between his desktop and his phone.)

@ink_slinger Does it actually support CalDav? I can't seem to find evidence of such.

"The roads to Damascus are many; Saul is always and already becoming Paul"

For folks who don't understand how far north of a city Edmonton is, it's 16:20 and my phone's automatic nighttime tinting just kicked in

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