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@allan @keithzg Yeah there was a bit of a push by the city to remove many of the trees more recently, with Dutch Elm Disease as the reason/excuse. I don't remember if that fizzled out due to real citizen opposition, or just because the beetles never got a foothold and thus the old elms never were in any real danger.

@allan @mpjgregoire Fair enough! Yeah I half-remembered something along those lines, which is why I phrased it the way I did; the existence of the boulevards themselves is definitely city zoning, and the maintenance of the trees is largely done by the city despite maintenance of the boulevards being otherwise the duty of the homeowners (at least, all that is true in Parkallen as far as I know).

@corbin This followup toot pays off the Ask Ubuntu tab clearly open in the photo in the first toot, hah

@mpjgregoire Not that zoning when more prescriptive is always good in Edmonton—far from it. For example for the past many decades there have been stipulations on minimum off-street parking that residential and commercial buildings require, which are only finally being relaxed (probably; I'll only fully believe it once the drafts become the actual bylaws).

@mpjgregoire It's definitely a bit inverted from that in Edmonton; the tree canopy at least in my specific neighborhood is *all* zoning and public works (the trees are on boulevards zoned into existence by the city). In more recently developed area, the city significantly relaxed such zoning featured for residential neighborhoods, and there aren't even the green boulevards available generally, it's just sidewalks attached to roads with no separation; no room for trees in the first place.

@mpjgregoire I'm lucky enough to live in a part of my city where the streets tend to have a canopy, trees stretching to meet across the streets. It's such a marked difference from much of the rest of Edmonton—particularly newer developments where single developers had their way—that I almost conceptualize my area as a different town entirely, the once-free City of Strathcona now subsumed by the sprawl of Edmonton.

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@ajroach42 I know at least one person who went there for a vacation, although I think it might also have somehow been for physics research?

@chosafine Why would I try and dissuade you from the true gospel?

@cwebber @rocketpilot This puts me in a bit of a pickle as that's a great and trenchant metaphor, but I've personally always liked global variables more than common wisdom would hold. (Similarly, the rise of NATs dismayed me; one IP, one endpoint!)

@staticsafe Ha! Good joke, although personally as someone who delights in the unexpected and already felt hamstrung by prescriptivist tendencies of Blizzard when playing Overwatch I suspect this might be the nail in the coffin for me actually playing the game.

(GOATS dying is good though.)

I know there are skeptics, but to me driverless cars seem so inevitable because like so many things in our society it's an evil funhouse mirror version of how our society *could* be.

What if trains, but instead we devoted mass swathes of land in all directions to dead tarmac since, hey, that's there already, and these mechanical monstrosities were dangerously barreling around everywhere then not on rails but on software written half by unionless engineers and half by happenstance of dataset.



I think that divide is probably true of most languages; I know someone who grew up in a German-speaking household but never in a German countries, completely fluent speaker but when she formally took German in High School she was baffled and surprised by how words are actually spelled!

Not to say that English's omnivorous approach doesn't make it a particularly tricky vocabulary, mind you...

Actual question asked in Congress today: "What features are only available in the nightly builds of Rust, and does Facebook see that as a concern that they are dependent on unreleased features of the Rust programming language?"

There's a lot that's insane about End of Evangelion and it starts before the first actual frame of the film

I'm one of those people who loves categorizing things, but whose favourite category is "misc"

I could be misreading the situation but seems like there's a pair of birds where one thinks my bathroom windowsill is a great place to build a nest and the other is just completely exasperated, "God DAMN it Frank I keep TELLING you it's a TERRIBLE location you are HOPELESS"

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@NYbill Phone books are useful for many things:

1. Firestarter
2. Stuffing into wet shoes to help them dry out
3. Replacement chair leg

And more!