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@irl @elomatreb I tend to go for weekly; in fact, apropos of this conversation, the big BTRFS storage pool I have at work just sent me an email notification that the weekly scrub had finished!

@irl @elomatreb I feel the same way, albeit for BTRFS (which has saved my bacon more than once, although the maxim that nothing is a backup other than backups obviously remains true).

Sidenote, I'd honestly take FAT32 over NTFS in most cases if I could, and that's probably unfair since FAT is *terrible* and certainly more error-prone, but NTFS has this tendency to go wrong in subtle and secretive ways that is just *deeply* unsettling...

@elomatreb Only 50% of my IRL friends who have gone that route have seriously regretted it!

@sconlan Certainly by web standards form data isn't encrypted, so you could be right that it was a fallback mode issue. Normal webservers don't log form data by default like that, but Facebook, while often leveraging standard stacks, certainly tends to write its own final implementations.

@staticsafe To be clear, some of my dislike for Notepad++ comes from something no user ever has to directly care about: my boss wanted to have a macro execute more than 9999 times, and got me to compile a version for him that did so, and the build setup for Notepad++ is . . . not great ;)

Certainly though Notepad++ is better than most other Windows text editors!

@staticsafe (Can't get on board with your love of Notepad++ though, my boss loves it and keeps trying to convince me of it but I can't see any reason I'd ever use it rather than Kate)

@staticsafe That's the beauty of language, though; say it often enough, get it to catch on, and it *becomes* correct!

Riding this out to the bitter end.

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@ink_slinger On the other hand, it should also have taught any strategists that your campaign (or administration) is going to get tarred from the right as a commie regardless, so being scared of that label is just silly. Although of course it's often used cynically to try and take the wind out of the sails of progressives pushing candidates and administrations to actually do things.

@thurloat That's really weird. I wonder if it was some sort of automated thing, trawling for such donation links and spewing donations from stolen cards into them? That would explain why your instance in particular (because it wouldn't be actually particular to, although the broader question of "why?" still remains quite unanswered then.

(Someone for some reason *trying* to get a batch of stolen cards canceled and/or noticed?)

@vogon Oops I meant to say "of late-90s Microsoft" but you get the idea

@vogon Could also just be worried if they formally announce then their competition with more established products can position better to undercut them? Or perhaps they haven't even fully decided internally on a model? (They are, after all, increasingly the late-10's version of late-10's Microsoft, combined with a history of forever-beta and overlapping products, so infighting and indecision wouldn't be out of character.)

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@allan And on that day:

*Clicks Toot*

*Only now sees clear mistake missed while proofreading*

Hell we don't even know French in my side of Canada, other than what we've learned over the years from reading food packaging!

Yeah fair enough, it's by no means unique to Gmail, although certainly some other providers don't and it's not like it's inherent in the specifications, just easily doable.

I've been lazy about setting it up on the somewhat overly complex Postfix instance I administer for work, heh, which does some wonky relaying in several senses and I'm unsure how that'll play with "recipient_delimiter = +".

New York,

Please don't blame all of Canada, you're probably getting that from Ontario, and we all hate them too.

Western Canada

Gmail's ability to use "" addresses is nice for tracking where your email address goes after you give it to some sketchy provider. For instance, I'm getting spam emails from these days and it's apparently due to Ticketmaster.