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@ink_slinger I went for the ANSI model, that ISO enter key is not something I think I could ever get used to at this point, I've legitimately had an easier time learning to kiiiindof type on Dvorak ;)

@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire Ahh, right. I'm sure that like much anti-GMO opposition there was a broad mix of concerns of wildly varying validity, none addressed in the Op-Ed; for example the linked-to opponent's article seems to base her opposition on how the problem in India was "converting mixed cropping systems to monocultures of wheat and rice and by spreading the use of herbicides which destroy field greens", losing crops like Coriander which traditionally supplied Vitamin A.

@mpjgregoire Seems like very good news (and a bit surprising to me, since yeah I remember when very promising human trials were announced a decade ago or so and I would have assumed the uptake would have been faster, particularly considering how prevalent GMO crops nonetheless have become in the intervening years). That being said I find the author's dismissal of caution in a general sense rather unconvincing, and not unlike the gambler who, when winning, then presumes it had been a sure bet.

Now accepting submissions for a new sports/parenting site: Dadspin

Sure, I'm neither a Dad nor a sportsfan. But that puts me as applicable for running this new site as the guy running Deadspin nowadays is, I love diving into impromptu projects, and I found inspiring. So lets do this!

Lest you think I'm joking, you can see me struggling to learn Hugo as we speak over at

@msh @ink_slinger
Yeah, I feel like that's a good guiding principle in general for human organization—and violating that principle explains a lot of the failures of many very well-funded companies and institutions.

@ink_slinger Actually, in all seriousness, about half of the Federated timeline on my Pleroma instance seems to be content I don't see an obvious connection to, so I'm not entirely sure why it's being federated to there (my lack of understanding what's actually going on with such federation being perhaps a worrying sign considering I'm running a fediverse instance, haha)

@ink_slinger Even better experience on ;) Since I'm the only user, the Federated timeline is largely just people I follow with replies in threads those people are in (or retooted) also sprinkled in.

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Remembrance Day, poppy controversy Show more

Continuing to glacially slowly dial down the irony level in my "Vive la Free Strathcona!" bit

Looks like the local theatre has an election party going on at 18:00, but instead of that going into the night, at 21:30 there's a showing of Let The Right One In? Feels like cheeky scheduling.

@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire "Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency" is one of those simple, true sentences whose dissonance when stated aloud speaks a lot about our contemporary moment.

@ink_slinger @mpjgregoire Yeah, I seem to remember there was some odd questions regarding that, very abstracted framing despite clearly being a proxy for the specific lines drawn over Bill 21. IIRC, I answered like a godless commie to one of the questions and not the other due to pedantically treating the specific wording, somehow ending up near the centre of the chart in stark contrast to previous elections where I've sometimes fallen off the chart in the top-left.

@ink_slinger Yeah, I was thinking it might have been for the municipal or the provincial one. Vague memories now of seeing folks at the Shaw Conference Centre with I Voted stickers, but of course memory is fickle.

Did we used to get "I Voted" stickers for the Canadian Federal election, or am I misremembering? (I remember getting a sticker in my last *American* vote-by-mail ballot, but I swear I remember getting ones at polling stations too, so I didn't think it *wasn't* a Canadian thing. But American pop culture often overwrites our Canadian consciousnesses...)

@mpjgregoire There's a lot of weirdness with the CBC VoteCompass, which I suppose is inevitable when trying to map something as multifaceted as "how should we run society?" onto a 2D graph (and discrete points therein, which makes it even worse).

But there's a lot that's even a bit baffling within that; for instance, taking the mainstream definitions of "socially progressive" I can't really believe the Greens are moreso than the NDP. Just seems like they're equating fringe support & position.