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If anyone questioned whether the ⁦@nationalpost⁩ was a conservative rag...

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You Have No Fucking Clue What You're Up Against

Always thought Bowie said “Knowledge comes with gas release”, not “death’s release” in Quicksand... man I wish I wasnt wrong

@kingu_platypus_gidora friendly reminder that defacing legal tender is a felony and you have the right to deny payment with defaced bills

@ink_slinger I’m fake news :( My bad... was going off a combinations of projections and bad memory

Bad News: PCs win maj. in Ontario. Good News: Libs are getting the min. 4 seats they need to be a recognised major party.

(Probably unoriginal) thought: If GitLab/Gogs/etc... implemented ActivityPub, we could have a federated open-source community like the almighty Torvalds intended.

@JordiGH funny enough, traditionally Italians consider children to be 1 at birth... as in “the child is on its first year”; or at least that’s what Ive been told

@JordiGH clearly the people responsible are MatLab people...

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This is one of the best posed pictures of a watch I've ever seen

Casio F91-W on a black NATO, believe the image is from someone on uhrforum.de

@matt to be fair, nothing suspicious or particularly artificial in the aside from the colouring (which also is derived naturally by law)

Unsolicited computer advice Show more

Unsolicited computer advice Show more

Unsolicited computer advice Show more

PHP is a lot like Windows in that its history of severe vulnerabilities has resulted in modern iterations being very secure while similar players in the space have stagnated.

PHP 7 ships with libsodium, has built-in password derivation support backed by argon2i or bcrypt, and a bunch of other goodies that Python for example doesn’t.

Theo de Radt seems to think Windows now does security and patching better than Linux or FreeBSD (but of course not OpenBSD 😉)

@JordiGH unfortunately doing so involves another twenty pylons

A Sunday walk up mont royal rewarded me with this amazing view of this bright-feathered species unique to Montreal.

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