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If your situation allows it at all, please don’t send your children to school this year. Children, while they can show milder symptoms, are not immune to this disease and can spread it. Legault’s betting on herd immunity bs.

“Québec and Ontario take different paths to reopening”... one based on benchmarks, and the other based on an arbitrary date. Total lunacy. Many are dying, many more still will die because of this. Email your representatives.


"Please note that space is limited for each webinar so registration and entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis"

My eyes roll very hard when I see stuff like this. This is "our website is only available during business hours" grade stuff.

Just wanted to give a huge recommendation for my peeps to check-out @lutzroeder@twitter.com ‘s Netron.

A great, interactive way to viz the computational graph of your deep networks. Works with nearly any framework (as well as ONNX)


Thinking "man, I wonder how much longer we'll be in isolation" and subconsciously looking over to the clock... I'm going to need a bigger clock.

The break music for @StanfordHAI@twitter.com sounds suspiciously like Cisco's Default Hold Music youtube.com/watch?v=6g4dkBF5an

About @WhiteHouse@twitter.com response, @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com 's advice is to check what you hear from politicos with what @CDCgov@twitter.com and scientists say. Nigam Shah says "monitor for consistency". Michelle Bary says it's not only about the USA, "we're all in this together" and we need more $ for @WHO@twitter.com

Q: What have we learned about masks? A: Michele Bary speculated CDC will promote masks soon, thinks that initial response was about makin sure docs got masks. Warns cloth masks are not effectual (20-30%). @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

"We need data literacy", just as we teach children to add numbers or subtract. - Dr. Nigam Shah at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

"This is a long game... it's about chipping away at the trust of science" - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com on and the relevance of Ebola Misinformation and Anti-Vac

24h news cycle doesn't have the nuance we need to cover complex topics like case definitions - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Dr. Nigam Shah things tech company tracking abilities should be given to gov'ts as hotels/school gyms are during pandemics. @StanfordHAI@twitter.com . (I personally have a bit of an issue with this.)

On authoritarian and centralised gov't and : "It's a tough call" and that being "right not first" is particularly difficult. "news deserts" and "health deserts" overlap a lot and that's hard to deal with - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Michele Bary points out nextstrain.org/ which tracks genomes to keep an eye out for mutations. @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

CDC numbers are disappearing from their website, which is "perplexing". The CDC is capable of providing us with good data. - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

On Quality of Data: "w/o good data, our models will exponentiall bad results because they all use exponential coefficients" … says current laws prevents good data - Nigam Shah @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

"Interdependence Sovreignty", what we learn about can be applied to environmental health, human health, animal health. We need evidence-based interventions informed by - Michele Bary @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Michele Bary gives example of Italian town of Vo. They tested w/o symptoms, found 3% of ppl were infected and contained the virus. No new cases! @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Michele Bary is covering Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong response @StanfordHAI@twitter.com. All of which were particularly vulnerable to . Singapore did not shelter in place, but tested extensively, gave "stay at home" notices, and were tracked via cell. V. strict quarantines

Seema Yasmin (@DoctorYasmin@twitter.com ) at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com "we need to protect journalists from the diseases they cover". She's building a toolkit for them. Ask her about it!