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@ink_slinger yah, I think that’s a very accurate and succinct way of putting it 😄(and for the record I was sincere about you nailing the Ling description 🙂)

A nice side-effect is that the differences are small and policy-based so the coverage can sometimes trend wonkish, which I enjoy.

@ink_slinger hahaha man, you’ve got both Ling’s and my number with that one haha...

I might be alone on this one, but I do appreciate how both Ling and Gersen (and Raitt to an extent) can be criticized for not being sufficiently ideologically in-step with the camps they’ve pitched their tents in :) It makes me feel they’re driven from a pragmatic and reasoned (and no less sincere) position.

@ink_slinger A fellow Oppo listener, I take it ;)

Anyone else having problems interacting with PeerTube from mastodon.club? is it a Mastodon instance version issue?

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I only put uncertified synthetic colours in this body

Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio For King!...Vaughn

Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio For King!...Vaughn

Award for riding name most likely to be the title of a Glengarry Glen Ross sequel.

Award for candidate with best facial hair and most commitment to party colours.

That girl in the back in orange capturing how all canadians are kinda feeling about their options this election.

Can't join a @CIHR_IRSC@twitter.com webinar at the moment because:
(1) the meeting is capped at 200 people for a competition that receives >1K applications
(2) uses a conferencing client that doesn't work on Linux
(3) that same client requires you to ignore security advice and enable Java

The TrollBots are pushing the idea that @RosieBarton@twitter.com and @CBCNews@twitter.com are biased, but can’t agree on whether they’re pulling for Libs or Cons 😅

All the more reason to keep listening to CBC and Rosie :)

This is what Americans think all our headlines are like...

R is an awful language and we need to nuke it from orbit thank you this has been my TED talk.

Nothing but the spiciest 2001 jokes here, folks

I was thinking about how mixed metaphors like these in @NRO@twitter.com betray that they are a rag despite their "SAT-word-per-sentence" metric.

Then I remembered they're climate change deniers that claim Trump isn't racist, and that that should probably be the bigger tell. t.co/KpIVlbvie3

“Inscrutable scruples” is on a personal list of things that will always be fun to say

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