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jszym @jszym

for Masto: When you hail a taxi who is driving a sedan, and you are the sole fare, do you hop in the front passenger seat, or in one if the back seats?

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@jszym I take lyft but 90% of the time I hop in the front seat. Depending on the taxi they might only want you in the backseat for security reasons though.

@jszym The back, generally. I feel weird sitting up front and I think most driver's prefer to you be in the back, but I could be wrong about that.

@jszym always in the back, I feel like it is more respectful of the driver's space and comfort. how does he know i'm not a murderer or something?

@thurloat @jszym that's the most fun part. It's a guessing game until I hop out of the car. How do I know the driver isn't a murderer?