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jszym @jszym

People's Party? Really, Bernier?... are you trying to trick NDP voters that you're running a socialist party?

@jszym I think they should remove part names. party , party , party . remove all historic affiliation, present a platform and have people vote on it. Then enact consequences of failed promised actions so people don't put things in their platform that aren't possible.

@jszym I just realized how insane this sounds, perhaps it could use a few revisions before being put into practice. totally off the cuff.

@jszym Hey, now, fascist parties often adopt the language of the left. This isn't new. (I don't actually think Bernier is a fascist, but I do think he is way too comfortable courting their vote.)

@jszym Also, if he's actually going to run candidates in all ridings, as he suggests, there are definitely going to be some actual fascists in the mix. With no real party infrastructure and a platform that mostly consists of ending supply management and a bunch of anti-immigration rhetoric, it seems inevitable that a few will get past the extremely limited vetting time he'll have before the next election.