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Just a few points to consider:

(0) This is in Test Pilot, which is an explicit opt-in (as in add-on)
(1) There is no evidence Mozilla is exchanging data for money
(2) You can alternatively run Chrome, which is run by an ad company, or any number of proprietary browsers (Opera, Maxathon) that do the same, or far inferior open-source browsers, or (*shudder*) Safari/Edge

jszym @jszym

@sir It’s cool that you’re offering feedback to the community on features in testing, it’s what give Mozilla its strong mandate to be the privacy and open alternative to the adware that is Google

But if you want a strong open browser, you might want to rephrase your public criticism (which I’ve read a lot of), in a more constructive and thoughtful way

You’re allowed to say what you like about FF, but if your goal is to make it better, I dont think you’ll achieve it this way