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Currently listening to an Audible ad suggesting listening to Capital Vol. 1 as your free "trial" audio book which, honestly, is hilarious.

jszym @jszym

@ink_slinger A fellow Oppo listener, I take it ;)

@jszym Indeed. From an ad promoting Capital, it's just a few giant leaps for Justin Ling to start spouting actual communist talking points instead of being mostly a Liberal who calls himself a socialist.

@ink_slinger hahaha man, you’ve got both Ling’s and my number with that one haha...

I might be alone on this one, but I do appreciate how both Ling and Gersen (and Raitt to an extent) can be criticized for not being sufficiently ideologically in-step with the camps they’ve pitched their tents in :) It makes me feel they’re driven from a pragmatic and reasoned (and no less sincere) position.

@jszym I (mostly) jest. But it is amusing to me that the whole conceit of the show is that the two hosts come from opposite ends of the political spectrum and will, therefore, be in opposition to one another. In reality, the two of them are both pretty centrist (or at least appear to be on the show) and main difference is which side of the centre line they lean.

@ink_slinger yah, I think that’s a very accurate and succinct way of putting it 😄(and for the record I was sincere about you nailing the Ling description 🙂)

A nice side-effect is that the differences are small and policy-based so the coverage can sometimes trend wonkish, which I enjoy.

@ink_slinger the downside, of course, is that it kinda perpetuates a two-party system. Damn do we need electoral reform...

@jszym I thought of this conversation while listening to today's episode of Oppo. They pointed out and made fun of the fact that the original conceit of the show was supposed to be them arguing with one another, but that they actually agree on a lot of things and that Jessie's original concept was bad. (They actually said it was originally supposed to be like Crossfire meets Chapo Trap House which, WTF?!) 😂