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jszym @jszym

The TrollBots are pushing the idea that @RosieBarton@twitter.com and @CBCNews@twitter.com are biased, but can’t agree on whether they’re pulling for Libs or Cons 😅

All the more reason to keep listening to CBC and Rosie :)

@jszym The idea that CBC has a *Conservative* bias is a new one! I've not heard that before.

@ink_slinger @jszym Rex Murphy is sometimes sympathetic to conservatives.

@mpjgregoire @jszym For sure. There are a few commentators who are at least sympathetic to conservatives at the CBC, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say the CBC has a conservative bias (notable exception that I just thought of: the CBC business headline suggesting that Bolsenaro's election would be good for Canadian business...probably true, given the not so great history of our mining companies, but still not a great look).