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jszym @jszym

I was thinking about how mixed metaphors like these in @NRO@twitter.com betray that they are a rag despite their "SAT-word-per-sentence" metric.

Then I remembered they're climate change deniers that claim Trump isn't racist, and that that should probably be the bigger tell. t.co/KpIVlbvie3

*NR* does not deny anthropogenic climate change. It's not a topic they cover much, but they had a cover page article in 2007 by Jim Manzi called "Game Plan - What Conservatives Should Do about Climate Change". I haven't been able to find a working link to the article, but Mr. Manzi summarises it at nationalreview.com/corner/half if you're curious.

I don't know if they have taken an editorial position on whether President Trump is a racist.

(I wouldn't normally comment on a post from two weeks ago, but Tusky wouldn't let me reply at the time, so this has been sitting in my drafts folder.)