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@jszym nice! gvt keep out, thanks.

says group who received billions to exploit more money from canadians: boo-hoo the government isn't doing massive data aggregation for my company about the entire population.


I mean the worse thing IMHO is that data *is* often being gathered, but then as the article touches upon, access to it is very formalized and restricted in ways that don't get in the way if you are, say, a big pharmaceutical company (able to throw money and manpower to jump through the hoops), but *do* get in the way if you're an academic or other researcher.

So those we should be most worried about having access generally do, and those who could hold them to account don't...

@jszym One bit that really jumped out at me was:

"study of the government’s efforts to settle Syrian refugees...found that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada was not gathering numbers on such key measures as the average number of months those refugees spent on income assistance, the effectiveness of the language training they have received, or the percentage of refugee children attending school."

That dovetails with a lot of what I've personally heard and been baffled by.

@jszym Also, that government works are by default under copyright by the Crown, in contrast to the U.S. government being explicitly *precluded* from claiming copyright, has long struck me as a central and incredibly important divergence (and very much to the detriment of Canada).