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One of the few pretty things about the English language is how the word “subtle” subtley has a silent “b” snuck in there.

Also totally understand why non-English speakers might just feel annoyed they need to know one more exception..

Every time I see a William Blake painting, I imagine him painting in a dark room with a beard, naked, with jars of urine lining the walls.

You know @VassyKapelos@twitter.com is a good bet for @PnPCBC@twitter.com when the knee-jerks on Twitter can't decide if she's a "liberal millennial" or a "JT hater"

@natecull medium is a cancer. We need to make jekyll-like blogs as easy to use as wordpress...

@ink_slinger i think a happy middle ground is just providing fb with as little info as possible.

@xvu also consider mailbox.org, you can provide them with a GPG key and they can encrypt your email on disk with them

@kaniini crawling an instance’s toots _without_ buying it is a weekend project for one person. When you own the db, pumping into elasticsearch takes maybe an afternoon.

If an afternoon’s work feels like a sufficient deterrent from hostile actors buying your instance and stealing your data, I envy you your lazy attackers.

Sorry I wasn’t able to put this as simply as you have...

@kaniini if you’re talking about elasticsearch, it’s like saying “well they both used $someDatabase to store data on their servers...”

Mastodon offers the promise of federation, not freedom from whatever arbitrary technology was used for evil elsewhere.

It’s true in this case, as it has been since time and memorial, that technology isn’t the scary thing, it’s how people use it.

I will cherish this as I cherished how @haydenpanettier@twitter.com followed me for a full month in 2008.

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before i pay some stranger on fiverr to record me a horn section, are there any horn players on masto looking to make a quick buck $$

Only thing that sounds stranger than Representative Biggs? Representative Slaughter.

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« This program won at Tic-Tac-Toe by figuring out how to remotely crash its opponents' computers, causing them to forfeit. t.co/cNCUuHTluT »

— Retweet twitter.com/JanelleCShane/stat

@games my English prof said that little red’s basket of cookies were her ovaries, the forest of trees actually a forest of penises, and the wolf the patriarchy.

Im trying to think who the woodsman is in that interpretation, other than the chopper of dicks.

@thurloat thanks for keeping the ship afloat cap’n

@lighttrax proof of work? Buying other coins

@JordiGH see ya at the family BBQ on Sunday ;)

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