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The break music for @StanfordHAI@twitter.com sounds suspiciously like Cisco's Default Hold Music youtube.com/watch?v=6g4dkBF5an

About @WhiteHouse@twitter.com response, @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com 's advice is to check what you hear from politicos with what @CDCgov@twitter.com and scientists say. Nigam Shah says "monitor for consistency". Michelle Bary says it's not only about the USA, "we're all in this together" and we need more $ for @WHO@twitter.com

Q: What have we learned about masks? A: Michele Bary speculated CDC will promote masks soon, thinks that initial response was about makin sure docs got masks. Warns cloth masks are not effectual (20-30%). @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

"We need data literacy", just as we teach children to add numbers or subtract. - Dr. Nigam Shah at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

"This is a long game... it's about chipping away at the trust of science" - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com on and the relevance of Ebola Misinformation and Anti-Vac

24h news cycle doesn't have the nuance we need to cover complex topics like case definitions - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Dr. Nigam Shah things tech company tracking abilities should be given to gov'ts as hotels/school gyms are during pandemics. @StanfordHAI@twitter.com . (I personally have a bit of an issue with this.)

On authoritarian and centralised gov't and : "It's a tough call" and that being "right not first" is particularly difficult. "news deserts" and "health deserts" overlap a lot and that's hard to deal with - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Michele Bary points out nextstrain.org/ which tracks genomes to keep an eye out for mutations. @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

CDC numbers are disappearing from their website, which is "perplexing". The CDC is capable of providing us with good data. - @DoctorYasmin@twitter.com at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

On Quality of Data: "w/o good data, our models will exponentiall bad results because they all use exponential coefficients" … says current laws prevents good data - Nigam Shah @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

"Interdependence Sovreignty", what we learn about can be applied to environmental health, human health, animal health. We need evidence-based interventions informed by - Michele Bary @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Michele Bary gives example of Italian town of Vo. They tested w/o symptoms, found 3% of ppl were infected and contained the virus. No new cases! @StanfordHAI@twitter.com

Michele Bary is covering Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong response @StanfordHAI@twitter.com. All of which were particularly vulnerable to . Singapore did not shelter in place, but tested extensively, gave "stay at home" notices, and were tracked via cell. V. strict quarantines

Seema Yasmin (@DoctorYasmin@twitter.com ) at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com "we need to protect journalists from the diseases they cover". She's building a toolkit for them. Ask her about it!

Seema Yasmin (@DoctorYasmin@twitter.com) at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com drawing comparisons to fake news about Ebola propagated by Russian cyber operatives, and anti-vac movements.

Seema Yasmin (@DoctorYasmin@twitter.com ) currently speaking about balancing ethics and holding officials to account during COVID-19 at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com . Dr. Yasmin is a Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer and comes from a journalistic background. Woo interdisciplinary researchers!

.@StanfordHAI@twitter.com is currently remembering Prof. Gita Ramjee who recently lost her life to COVID-19. Prof Ramjee was a prominent HIV researcher.

Dr. Nigam Shah speaking at @StanfordHAI@twitter.com, "We should be treating counties as one big hospital". Had an opportunity to grab lunch with Dr. Shah at one of the @McGillQLS@twitter.com , he truly embodies a multidisciplinary approach

He asks to reach out at tinyurl.com/sm-covid-query.

"What we need now is serological testing..." - @StanfordHAI@twitter.com