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Jeez... the twitter trends are so easily manipulated...

The Microsoft/Office365 ecosystem is so borked that when you schedule a meeting in MS Teams, it offers you to share it on Google Calendar but not your orgs Outlook Calendar.

Bing, however, gets shoe-horned into every MS product from the start menu to Word. What?

I understand “murders of black people by officers”, while most accurate, is too opinionated for WaPo... but surely “killings” or “fatal assaults” are more truthful than the cowardly euphemism “officer-involved death”.

I was wondering when Microsoft would ruin GitHub, and this redesign definitely is shouting "WHEN!".

Screens are super wide now! There's as much info on-screen as before, except now I need to swivel my head from left to right to see that info.

Soliciting user-scripts to fix this

Just HOW are there ML papers still being published without released code. How!? There's no way I'll ever cite recent papers that don't make code accessible.

It's an essential part of communicating your discoveries. A paper simply isn't complete without an implementation.

There is so much academic vaporware. I'm 0 for 3 on trying to find the code for papers published between 2000-2015.

It's a mix of personal university sites that 404 and dead Google Code links

Publishers should use redirect some of that copyright lawyer cash to data stewardship.

Curious why W-L-M is trending with K-pop? It's because twitter bot farms use accounts that start at K-pop stan/cam accounts, gain a huge number of followers, and then overnight change into wtv the farms want to get on trending.

to be clear, I'm indifferent about legit kpop acnts

I'm not gonna lie, I always thought the "I hope this letter finds you well" on old-timey correspondence quaint, but given all that's been going on lately, I definitely understand that it was far more than an insincere platitude.

Twitter, I hope this tweet finds you well.

"in Canada, justice is precious, measurable and universal. It must be defended, even when it is inconvenient to do so."


One thing I love about research is that seeing results and thinking "that doesn't make sense" is as likely to precede a disappointing realisation as it is an incredibly rewarding realisation.

Just had that reaction now, and crossing my fingers for the latter.

Do you like de novo assemblies and graph genomes? Are you an epigenetics person? Perhaps want to unlock the secrets of being productive enough during a pandemic to publish a paper?

Read this paper from @QLSMcGill@twitter.com 's @groza_cristian@twitter.com in @GenomeBiology@twitter.com

Unsplash didn't say where this is. Please tell me so I can add it to my post-isolation tour of baroque and neo-gothic libraries. The Clementinum and Ottawa's Library of Parliament currently top the list.

This is a bit of old news, but I’m hoping hard in this study.

It’s no vaccine, but we should get results in June, and the drug has been in production for ages and it’s super cheap to make

We need a bandaid fast, hopefully this is it


Poor Brucey, always the poison's maid, never the poison.

One of the more helpful truisms out there for me, specifically re: my research, has been "it doesn't work, until it does".

“Horacio Arruda, said that mandating a compulsory use of masks might infringe on individuals’ Charter rights.”

I laughed so hard when I read this. CAQ is willing to bulldoze the Charter rights of visible religious minorities, but global medical crises?Nah theglobeandmail.com/canada/art

Advertisers have discovered "Nobody Speak" by DJ Shadow/Run the Jewels and rediscovered "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads, and the world is so much worse for it.

Remembering Paul Vasquez as one of those rare people who were able to bring joy to the internet without turning out to be a horrible person.

Double rainbow, man. Whole way round.


Getting closer to finishing up my @FiveThirtyEight@twitter.com-esque @matplotlib@twitter.com theme. Big shout-out to the Envy Code R and Inter fonts, which have open licenses and are nice drop-ins for 538's (beautiful) proprietary fonts.