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@thurloat tree-style tabs on Firefox.

Great for wiki-fractaling. Collapse the ones I want to read later or move them under an about:blank tab. For example, if I'm searching on a topic, that search page is the top tab and I just toggle it closed (can be configured to do this automatically, but I prefer the intentional, manual action).

The vertical layout also lets you see the whole titles. It's a crying shame that Chromium and others don't really have this :(

Watching this 80s Hacking supercut to get hyped up for an internal CTF today


On the go: Some long security-improvement project plans to finalize, folks to convince that it's worth that doing versus "fun" feature work (SSDD), some technical writing, and some threat modeling exercises to prep for!

@thurloat long weekend here on the west coast was hot and dry (well, by islander standards = mid-twenties). Went on a mini road-trip with the kiddos and it's wonderful to realize and enjoy how their patience for travel has improved since last year!

@Toxic_Flange The express guide is pretty good at covering all the basics: expressjs.com/en/guide/routing

I don't know anything about morgan or pug, tbqh, but will look around.

@Toxic_Flange You can set up routes in express with RegExps if you want to get fancy, otherwise, you can loop over an array of paths and just pass in the same callback each time. Trivial to make each path return 200 vs. 3xx.

For example (in ES5 syntax, so modern node.js):

var app = express();
// ... other setup ...
['/foo','/bar'].forEach((path) => {
app.get(path, (req,res) => {

@thurloat looks like OpenID Connect and Webfinger are pretty closely related. I don't know what masto uses to implement Webfinger, but I'm gonna guess that software might already support being an IdP. Might even support OAuth2 (the "I authorize such and such") on top of being a simple IdP.

@thurloat if it's all on the same domain, I'd suggest something simpler that just shares cookies/profiles/permission in a database.

Does masto have Open ID Connect or OAuth2 support?

@Toxic_Flange hmm, I'm not to current on the tutorials. What are you trying to build with it? I could probably then apply opinion/experience to a quick search.

For folks just learning JavaScript coming from experience with some other language I always point them at johnresig.com/apps/learn/ to get an understanding of how JS Functions and scopes actually work (that tutorial is a bit stale with ES3 syntax, but modern syntax still "transpiles" with tricks like this)

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If you ever feel like you do have not done anything important in this world, remember that there are whole teams of people that get up every day and go work on the Bing search engine.

@Toxic_Flange I have also done more nodejs/JavaScript than is considered healthy if you're looking for info

@thurloat are you trying to devise an authentication/authorization scheme? My initial thoughts would be:

* be careful,
* don't do it unless you have to, and
* if you still need to do it, I could try to analyze the flow/crypto (kinda my day job, so I shouldn't do this to benefit your employer)

I just started tracking my bike rides with a GPS watch that also records heart rate.

Just figured out I can see exactly how freaked out I *still* am from heavy traffic, broken pavement, tricky segments, and such (had a fall in traffic back in Feb). I go up to 170-185bpm, right at the top of the "exercise range" for my age (source: AHA "Target Heart Rates" table).

This is so weird to me on a number of levels. It's like seeing fear quantified.

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Watched a random person write a Facebook post next to me in the metro.

It's amazing the number of distractions that get in the way: pop-ups, auto-completes, etc. The UI is a nightmare—it should have been filmed and made into an HCI study!—but he soldiered through and shared his nugget of wisdom with the world.

After all that pain, Facebook congratulated him with a message like "you have shared for 11 days in a row!" -- yes, to my surprise FB now incorporates _streaks_ to further engagement.

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*looks back on the previous month on masto*
what a ride
most of the optimism that made me write this thing still lives, tho

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things i wish was in the matrix

Neo: "Doesn't harvesting human body heat for energy, violate the laws of thermodynamics?"

Morpheus: "Where'd you learn about thermodynamics, Neo?"

Neo: "In school."

Morpheus: "Where'd you go to school, Neo?"

Neo: "Oh."

Morpheus: "The machines tell elegant lies."


@jay hahaha, yes just like that (also suffixing every sentence with ", bro")