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Jemal Cole @jemaleddin

Worried about getting arrested for impersonating a cop with this mustache.

My wife has monthly parking (for the train station) at the lot across from The Charles, so when we pulled in to park for a movie they recognized her and gave her a spot right up front! So fancy!

The expectation that you have to follow people back is weird to me. I know that there are people I follow who would find me tedious. Read the toots you like!

@thomasfuchs just curious: do 3270 emulators exist for those platforms?

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@thesyc66 @gargron what a handsome fellow! Reminds me of out late lamented cat Rupert!

@gargron @joop you can’t have Margot, but there are lots of cats who make nice friends.

Everybody else is tooting their cat pics at @gargron so why shouldn’t I? Say hi to Margot!

It’s update instructions like this that keep me from running the really cool software.

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Spent most of today on birdsite, felt sad and angry, spent last 15 min here, felt better. Anyway, boost my extreme idiot dog and help me find my pals here

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I saw this and the first thing that came to my mind was Mother Jones magazine active platforming for Nazis with their puff-piece for Richard "Punched Nazi" Spencer, etc.

The real Mother Jones, co-founder of anarcho-syndicalist labor union IWW and called "most dangerous woman in America" for organizing miners' strike, would be furious at being involuntarily associated with that shit rag.

Once again thinking of setting up my own instance. Last time there was a Mastodon update a couple days after I finished and trying to upgrade broke everything. Are things easier? Is Plemora easier?

@mcmansionhell is that like the demo house for a McMansion development, or is that a really real house?

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boost this if you're bi, if you love carly rae jepsen, or if you're secretly former speaker of the house newt gingrich . nobody will ever know which one

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!!! will scan your birdfeed follows and make you a file to follow any syndication feeds it finds.

I did this by hand as I unfollowed (and I am excite to see some of those feeds, like @mathowie 's, light up as some people leave for blogging instead of or in addition to here) but this is handy if you're just now seeing the light. 😉

I mayb have been spending too much time on birdsite.

@grammargirl It doesn't sounds like you're engaging with brands at all, so none of those uses are any good to Twitter. 😟

@RexfordGTugwell @ink_slinger yeah, that’s the important details and context I neglected to add!