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Hey Mastodon, my city is one of the only Municipalities in the US providing govt assistance to asylum seekers, and we need help. If you have a bit, could you consider donating?

Chère Montreal, your cycleways are amazing.

@allan I'm so torn between admiring the web map and being horrified at the size of those fires. It's a really nice visualization.

Je viens à Montreal! This post and several to follow brought to you by my fucking terrible French.

@allan apparently the haze I'm seeing all the way on the east coast is from the same fires :(

@allan ugh, my lungs are freaking out just seeing that.

Nature of the day: random cucurbit! Growing by the sidewalk. I gave it a stick to twine on. Who planted it? A squirrel? Am I inadvertently aiding an apocalypse vine that will destroy us all?

Wildlife post: saw a scarlet tanager today. Way to rock the hot pink, bird!

I'm really tired of finals, but I did use python to geocode the locations of our engineering infrastructure records to allow us to search for them in GIS, and that's pretty cool.

these are my smooth round children

"All those wires, all those pipes, different sizes, different types, bring you water, bring you heat, that's what's down belooow the street!"

Working on a presentation about city GIS, and oh my goodness, it's rare that a song from my childhood is even better than I remember.

😭 🤣
One would generally think adding sidewalks to a neighborhood full of kids was a good thing??? And reducing demands on the sewer system via natural means? Apparently not.

The original design of the neighborhood was auto-centered, no sidewalks and focus on free movement of vehicles.

In addition, the natural appearance of rain gardens is not in keeping with what what was likely all mown lawn during the period of significance.

We recommend that other alternatives to stormwater management be considered for *location redacted*.