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I'm going to be teaching an introductory GIS course this semester. I'm thinking of giving weekly open ended challenges in addition to the detailed step by step assignments in the textbook. Would folks be interested if I cross posted them here? I won't have much time for follow up, but the thinking would be that if you can figure them out, by the end you would know the way around your chosen GIS software, such as QGIS. Thoughts? Would this actually be useful?

@intrepidduckling How about this? Post a few of the QGIS challenges (appropriate for QGIS learners?) and see if you get any boosts or sociables? If, after a few posts, no boosts or sociables, well, "thanks for trying!"

Intrepid Duckling @intrepidduckling

@cognish Thanks, that sounds like a good suggestion. I'll see how it (and my sanity!) goes....