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Intrepid Duckling @intrepidduckling

Hey Mastodon/Moosetodon, what have you been reading lately? So far this summer I've read 'This is An Uprising' by Mark and Paul Engler, which is a deep dive into various non-violent uprisings, their challenges, and what makes them fail or succeed. Super interesting.

I've also read 'In Our Own Worlds: A Collection of Solar Futures' Published by Arizona State University. Pretty interesting, though it ended up being more commentary than stories, and I could have skimmed some of that. But since I work for a local gov't, and we are currently grappling with how to de-carbonize, stories from the desert southwest US were interesting...different challenges from New England, but also similar!

I've also got a stack of books on carbon farming, because I'm super interested in the soil science underneath it. And I'm reading 'In our Own Worlds' an ebook collection of Novellas that Tor Books gave away for pride month.