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Eating homemade bread! I highly recommend this recipe:

It's so easy. Biggest thing to note is that it uses instant yeast...if you have regular yeast dissolve it in warm water first.

@thurloat I see the cat hair has been washed off...let me help with that.

@allan Yeah, I live in Portland ME, and South Portland is the terminus for a huge pipeline sending oil to Quebec, and a huge tank farm. Some years back, activists managed to squash plans to reverse the pipeline to export crude, but oil shipping is still a part of the landscape and economy here, that it seems like we should be targeting more?

@allan I dunno, I guess I'm feeling frustrated, and don't know how to take meaningful actions on the tank farms in my city without endangering my public service job, and my husband isn't currently working much, so I don't want to jeopardize it. *sigh* Sorry to use your post as an outlet.

@allan Interesting...local climate activists are discussing pressuring my city council for the same thing, and it feels kind of like low-hanging fruit, when we should be poking something a bit bigger? The city already is way ahead of the crowd, while surrounding towns much less so, and I don't think declaring the emergency would dismantle the pipeline going through the city or stop the freight trains from carrying oil right thru my backyard...

@cognish Thanks, that sounds like a good suggestion. I'll see how it (and my sanity!) goes....

I'm going to be teaching an introductory GIS course this semester. I'm thinking of giving weekly open ended challenges in addition to the detailed step by step assignments in the textbook. Would folks be interested if I cross posted them here? I won't have much time for follow up, but the thinking would be that if you can figure them out, by the end you would know the way around your chosen GIS software, such as QGIS. Thoughts? Would this actually be useful?

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Also, we left a thistle growing out of a rock wall, and now it is taller than me and attracting goldfinches. It makes it hard to use the car, but whatever.

Things that have happened: we successfully gave the cat an arthritis shot at home, I've been hired to teach a gis course (sadly all ArcGIS), and I got field ripened canteloupe in my farm share.

Just made my own fruit leather from the blackberries growing in my backyard. It is...very seedy. But good! And easy!

Thanks everyone! That was fast and really helpful. I'll check these out tonight.

What do folks use for lightweight photo editing software? I need to do some simple cropping, file size reduction to make thumbnails. I've used gimp in the past... @switchingsocial

I've also got a stack of books on carbon farming, because I'm super interested in the soil science underneath it. And I'm reading 'In our Own Worlds' an ebook collection of Novellas that Tor Books gave away for pride month.

I've also read 'In Our Own Worlds: A Collection of Solar Futures' Published by Arizona State University. Pretty interesting, though it ended up being more commentary than stories, and I could have skimmed some of that. But since I work for a local gov't, and we are currently grappling with how to de-carbonize, stories from the desert southwest US were interesting...different challenges from New England, but also similar!

Hey Mastodon/Moosetodon, what have you been reading lately? So far this summer I've read 'This is An Uprising' by Mark and Paul Engler, which is a deep dive into various non-violent uprisings, their challenges, and what makes them fail or succeed. Super interesting.

Chuck Norris's brain waves are suspected to be harmful to cell phones.