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@interneteh Yeah, I finally did it this morning and felt similarly.

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Alternate careers I had considered:
- Novelist (lol)
- Journalist
- Forester
- Funeral director

Alternate career I never considered until it was essentially too late:
- Primatologist

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Irish werewolves are good boys

(NSFW text at the bottom of the picture)

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@melpsn Maybe the corporate surveillance systems noticed your undies are looking a little raggedy and they want you to have some nice, comfortable new ones, without a bunch of holes where the waistband is coming detached from the rest of them...

Or maybe I'm projecting...

@opendork I declare Sept. 3 the first day of Hallowe'en!

@007 I mean, with a cast-iron pan that's sort of true. But you're still supposed to clean it, not just let crude and grime accumulate forever.

@GeoffWozniak That's why pumpkin spiced beverages are derisively called "basic." At this time of year, it takes genuine effort – or at least a lid – to have something that isn't pumpkin spiced.

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The fall winds are blowing in today. Soon, everything will be awash with pumpkin spice. That's what the fall winds carry: spice from the pumpkin patches.

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People on LinkedIn are really into this career LARPing thing, huh?

"Under socialism, we'd still have fast food" is a weird, though probably not inaccurate, take.

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