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I really need to stop being such a lazy shit and go talk to a fucking credit union about moving my money over there.

@deejoe @thurloat I recently learned that Servus (the main/biggest credit union here) is open on Saturdays, so I wouldn't even have to go through the trouble of taking time off work and coordinating with my wife's work schedule, etc. It's literally just a matter of picking up the phone. I have no idea we haven't done it yet, other than inertia.

yeah we have a pretty good one just down the road, would probably just have to pop in and get it booted up.

I can imagine migrating would be a pretty big pain in the butt, we're pretty enangled with our current megacorpbank.

Adam @ink_slinger

@thurloat Most of the actual moving of money is handled behind the scenes, once you sign all the consent forms. But switching auto-payments to new accounts is a pain. I've done it once, because I switched to my wife's bank after we got married. Doing it again is a mild inconvenience, but not enough to stop us. We've just been lazy and procrastinating.