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Adam @ink_slinger

I really need to stop being such a lazy shit and go talk to a fucking credit union about moving my money over there.

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@deejoe @thurloat I recently learned that Servus (the main/biggest credit union here) is open on Saturdays, so I wouldn't even have to go through the trouble of taking time off work and coordinating with my wife's work schedule, etc. It's literally just a matter of picking up the phone. I have no idea we haven't done it yet, other than inertia.

yeah we have a pretty good one just down the road, would probably just have to pop in and get it booted up.

I can imagine migrating would be a pretty big pain in the butt, we're pretty enangled with our current megacorpbank.

@thurloat Most of the actual moving of money is handled behind the scenes, once you sign all the consent forms. But switching auto-payments to new accounts is a pain. I've done it once, because I switched to my wife's bank after we got married. Doing it again is a mild inconvenience, but not enough to stop us. We've just been lazy and procrastinating.

I did this maybe 10 years back and have saved nearly $2K on fees since then. Just in case you needed a little more motivation.

@ink_slinger I wish any credit unions supported Android Pay. Not that I'd likely use it *too* much, but in part it's a matter of principle (TD doesn't support it purely because they push their own broken app) and in part from time to time it'd be quite nice to not rely on a physical card (ex. if I've somehow forgotten my wallet, which is unlikely but happens more frequently than me forgetting my phone). Although then again my local grocery store doesn't have working tap terminals anymore.

@keithzg I've literally never used Google Pay, so this is not a huge issue for me, but I understand it's a make-or-break for some people (who will similarly not buy a phone without NFC, whereas I find that feature a nice-to-have-but-mostly-unnecessary thing).

@ink_slinger NFC is great! . . . in the alternate timeline where Nokia didn't drop the N9 and thus the largest smartphone manufacturer was pushing a flagship and accessories that all used NFC to very conveniently solve Bluetooth pairing and other such issues back in 2011, thus setting an industry trend and standard.

@keithzg OK, that would be great. Instead, it's used for making payments with Apple/Android Pay and...transferring files to a new phone when you first setup a new Android device, provided that both the new and old phones both have NFC.

@ink_slinger Yeah, I lived with a foot in that alt-history for a while when I bought an N9 and the bluetooth speaker Nokia also hastily discontinued (since Windows Phone didn't support NFC, and it was pretty embarrassing to be selling an accessory that worked so dramatically nicer with a marquee feature missing from the "more advanced" OS they'd switched to), alongside a fancy pair of headphones that also paired using NFC.

@ink_slinger But I think partially as a consequence of Apple dragging their heels forever on NFC, and then when finally implementing it only supporting it for their payment solution, you really don't see such uses of NFC anymore. Hell, even for transferring files it's not long for this world; with Q, Android is dropping support for "Android Beam", ie. NFC-paired file transfers.