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Apparently there was a local "yellow vests" protest today. I can't tell from the pictures if it's revolutionary or reactionary or something else entirely. I sort of assume, living where I do, that people are using it as a way to protest the carbon tax and the "job killing" NDP and Liberals, but I'd love to be wrong.

@ink_slinger If I remember correctly, it's being pushed by The Rebel and their networks. So it's basically just white supremacists handing out 'great replacement' fliers and other bullshit. Same thing is happening in the netherlands :(. There has already been a red vests fork that is explicity anti-fascist and anti-racist and all that good stuff, so maybe similar things will happen here. Solidarity with the workers in EU with an explicit line drawn against racists/reactionaries.

Adam @ink_slinger

@OmnaBrain Yeah, it's assholes. But the good guys counter protested.