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The Charlie Brown Holiday Specials are awful, except for the original Christmas one. The use of professional voice actors ruins the charm, for one thing.

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@Shadejackrabbit In that case, good marketing on making it sound like a gross health food thing! LOL

@Shadejackrabbit Quinoa smoothie sounds gross, but I'm glad you're taking a stand! :)

@FssOfDeath Ha! That's very true. Traditional foodways are already suffering, so if food from the south gets even more expensive and/or scare things will go to shit pretty quickly.

@UberTumbleweed @allan @keithzg Those Christian programs within Edmonton Public used to be private schools. I'm unsure whether it's better that they're now public or not.

@UberTumbleweed @allan @keithzg Yeah, I remember that. It's only pretty recently that the "Protestant Separate School Board" in St. Albert was renamed to be the Public School Board.

@allan @UberTumbleweed I mean, objectively, I know this is true. It's just (thankfully) been pretty far outside of my actual life experience. Of course, it would have been easy for me to not even notice when I was younger, being Mr. White cishet male and all that entails.

@allan @UberTumbleweed That is just so alien a concept to me. I can't imagine that being a thing even though we're the same age. That would not have gone over in the city, I don't think, particularly in a neighbourhood with a fair number of Muslim families.

@m4iler I'm not opposed to it. I have no experience, but have been getting increasingly curious about learning.

for years "mods are asleep" has been a joke relic from the forum days but the fediverse brings us to an era where the mods can let you know that they're awake by boosting your "mods are asleep" joke and then you can scold them to go to bed because you know their timezone and this isn't healthy

@m4iler The growing season is pretty short but, because they get so much sun during the summer, my understanding is that you can grow quite a lot in a relatively short period of time as long as you're smart about the crops you plant.

@allan That's true. They apparently have a few small but successful organic farms near the city due precisely to the fact that the growing season, while short, is pretty spectacular with all that sun.

@hcs Oh, yeah, if you don't live in the same area that makes sense.

@allan @UberTumbleweed That's hilarious. "You don't really believe that. Why are you lying? This is even more absurd than Santa!"

@m4iler Yeah. I wish preppers (and a lot of permaculturists) weren't so often associated with reactionary politics, but I can use the good stuff and try to ignore the politics.