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I mean, I couldn't live exactly the absurd lifestyles presented, but I'm the type of person for whom they're supposed to be aspirational. Instead, I just laugh and think rich people are ridiculous.

Impostor syndrome is a thing that never really goes way. I tend to forget that I am very much the target demographic of the Globe and Mail, so whenever I read the lifestyle section I just laugh at these asinine rich people. I usually forget that I could probably lead this absurd lifestyle if I wanted, because growing up poor marks you forever. And as much as being poor sucked, I think it made me a better person and I am constantly worried my daughter will be unaware of her massive privilege.

When I travel, a big part of the draw is food and drink, regardless of how close or far the destination is.

Like, going to Trier, Germany, was 25% about Marx, 10% about the ancient Roman ruins, and 65% about the potato restaurant (Kartoffel Haus, I think it was called) and the place that served first century Roman dishes (they don't translate well to a modern Canadian palate).

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@thurloat LOL. White bread, microwaved, with some extra coarse sea salt. It's practically the same thing, right?

@erinbee I'm just stating facts (probably), not passing judgement.

Besides, I was Brut man before I gave up aftershave in favour of the mostly non-existent scent of aloe vera (so soothing! So mostly odourless!). I have no right to judge.

@erinbee Buzz Aldrin uses Aqua Velva.

Source: he's an old man so the odds are good.

@thurloat @Shadejackrabbit Maybe they do here, as well. It's been literally years since I went to A&W for breakfast.

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It’s a hot hot hot hot day in parts of North America. If you’re like me, your only access to cooling at home is something like a struggling window unit.

Libraries can be cooling stations if you can get to one. And they mostly won’t kick you out. They’re a place you can be and not buy anything. Keep safe if you can. 💜💜💜💜

@AppleStrudelMan Yeah, I rarely buy doughnuts since they switched to the parbake method. Luckily, we have a lot of good doughnut shops here. Some are overpriced "fancy" doughnut places, but there are some classic places that are better and less expensive. I'm lucky to live pretty close to one of them.

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@thurloat @Shadejackrabbit I don't like that they use hamburger buns for the breakfast sandwiches. Too bready for me. But still pretty good.

@Shadejackrabbit @thurloat They still do breakfast pretty well, as fast food goes. That's the one thing they haven't messed up.

@Fralambert @erinbee And...wait...THREE dishes?

I know the typical cheese curds and fries dish, as well as the Acadian poutine râpée (which I think is what you're describing). What's the third one?

@Fralambert @erinbee A few months ago, I went to a restaurant that focuses exclusively on Canadian cuisine. There was a starter or amuse bouche or something that was called a "deconstructed poutine" or something like that. My wife and I were both confused as to how this was supposed to resemble poutine in any way, until we learned about the Acadian dish.

@xvu Not a clue. I just saw them on the menu this morning. I haven't tried them.

@erinbee "How can we make these crappy potato wedges sell better? I know! Let's make a 'poutine' version!"

Tim Horton's now has burgers...

They only have Beyond Meat burgers, and I do like those, but something about Tim's selling burgers just seems wrong. Of course, very few of their recent menu changes have made much sense.

Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches? Sure! Tiny, overcooked chicken strips? Uh...why?

@sikkdays Yeah, I feel weird about it, mostly because he wasn't up front about it. It's all posted on his personal account, so it's not obvious until I looked up the address (and noticed he had pictures of others items for sale on commercial shelving).

Pawn shops have return policies?