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You can download Tor Browser for Android from our website or Google Play. It should be available from F-Droid within the next day.

@benhamill @grufwub My first thought was that it's the first one, because the tie goes at the base of your neck, not just under your chin.'re right. Where does the collar fall on a brachiosaurus' neck?

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We are anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

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Twitter: getting ratioed because of a typo.

Fediverse: getting boosted despite a typo, because everyone knows what you meant to say.

@allan It reminds me of the old Y2K bug. "See!" the skeptics cried after nothing happened, "All that panic and preparation for nothing!"

Um...maybe the preparation is what avoided the issue?

Obvious the scale of the problem is vastly different and more complex when talking about climate change, but the type of thinking is the same.

Super cool how wildfire season has started earlier than ever and the provincial government's first order of business is still to scrap the previous government's climate leadership plan. Also super cool how we live in an era in which successive governments seem to spend their first few months or years undoing everything the previous government did, as if that's a recipe for stability (not to say nothing should even be undone, of course, but this seems to be a new and worrisome trend).

@freakazoid Yeah, most of my mutes are intended to be permanent. But once in a while I'll mute someone temporarily for a number of reasons (I once had to mute someone for a day or two while they were testing out some new software they were working on, because their test posts were spamming my home timeline, for example).

I'm bad about checking, though, so sometimes they'll be muted for why longer than intended.

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Every once in a while I remember to go in and check my list of muted accounts. Occasionally, there are accounts for whom I don't remember why I muted them. Once in a while, there are even accounts that show as muted but which I've still seen posts from, which is weird.

@keithzg For sure. And, honestly, I think it was a little odd given that so much of my work is writing stuff that will have other people's names attached to it. Wouldn't you want it to *not* have my voice, but rather the sort of organizational voice we've developed as a department? Oh well!

Similarly, this explains why my attempts are writing novels or even short stories have mostly sucked. I have a way with words, I think, but I'm not great at crafting a story.

I still think I'm a half-decent poet, but that's entirely different kind of writing in which, often, "having a way with words" matters a lot more than the ability to weave a compelling story.

A boss once described my writing as "good, yeoman writing," in that I am a technically effective writer, but that it lacks a clear voice. This was sort of insulting (though I don't think it was intended to be -- she was offering constructive criticism), but it honestly has helped me view my professional writing as more of a trade than an art. I'm not an architect, but I'm a very competent bricklayer and I'm OK with that.

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