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@deadsuperhero Fair enough. I was partially using Diaspora as a stand-in for all three, since I think it's the most popular.

@deadsuperhero Very true, but the UI is hugely important for non-technical users. For someone who just wants "Facebook with better privacy," Diaspora will probably make a lot more sense than Mastodon, for the simple fact that it looks more recognizable.

@deadsuperhero That's true. But I think it helps to be more similar in nature. The use case is different. I suspect you'd agree that Diaspora (and things like it) is closer in nature to Facebook than Mastodon is.

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@Gargron This is awesome, and I'll be sharing it widely. But, I also think now is the time to start talking about how we stop the likes of #CambridgeAnalytica / #Palantir from abusing the Fediverse's model, too. I work for - I can see how easy it would be to map and monitor the entire fediverse right now. From there to hyper-targeted fake profiles is a small enough step. How do we harden ourselves against #Twitter / #Facebook-style manipulation without damaging the social fabric?

Although it's true that respects your data privacy and is, in that sense, better than Facebook, it seems odd to promote it in context of . The use case is very different. Mastodon is more similar to Twitter than to Facebook.

@celesteh I don't even know what pod my old account is on. I doubt I could recover it if I wanted to. But I have recently created a account. I don't think it'll realistically replace Facebook, since it will likely never have my network of IRL friends, but maybe that's OK. If it helps me use FB less, that could be enough (and, really, maybe I don't need FB at all).

I've started playing around with . I'm if you're on that platform (or if you want to follow my Friendica account on Mastodon, which is apparently possible).

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Ayn Rand’s theories are actually entirely consistent if you assume everyone is a sociopath

Oh, sweet, my coffee mug is leaking...all over my pants. And it took a while for me to notice. Great day! WOO!

@qBaz For sure. In no way do I expect this to ruin Facebook. I just wonder if enough people will leave that some of the federated options will see a boost in users, similar to Mastodon did when Twitter pissed off a bunch of users. Facebook has billions of users. Even just a few thousand leaving could do wonders for smaller networks (if people seek them out as an alternative, which may not happen).

LB: Also curious about a Firefox extension.

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is there any chrome extension for directly sharing a link from a site your on over to #mastodon yet?

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@maloki Oh, hey, how are you liking the game? I haven't been able to watch your streams, but am curious. I really should load up and play again. It's been a while. :)

Could also be or , but has always appeared to be the most popular of the three.

Will the reaction to Facebook/Cambridge Analytica increase the popularity of ? Because I'd be OK with that. I mean, it certainly won't kill Facebook anymore than Twitter's many blunders haven't killed Facebook, but if it could become semi-popular/cool like Mastodon, that'd be rad.

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FRAMADATE is a free libre and open source alternative to Doodle

It is currently available in French and English only.
Only a few sentences need translations for the following locales :

* Breton
* Occitan
* German
* Dutch
* Italian
* Spanish

if you can help on #translation, join this platform

(howto is here

@keithzg Nothing enrages me more than applying market solutions and market-based thinking to shit that isn't (or at least shouldn't) be market-based. Not everything should be looked at through market lenses, you neoliberal ideologues (speaking here to the senior execs in question, not you).

This is the same shit that has reduced citizens to mere taxpayers and consumers.

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Reminder: please keep an eye out for Mastodon newbies - e.g. on the introduction/introductions hashtags - and give them a fave/boost/friendly reply to welcome them. Thanks! πŸ‘ #FriendlyFediverse