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@Antanicus Instead of a polis of equal citizens, some voices are presumed to be worth more, because they pay more in taxes (or are presumed to do so since, again, the very rich often manage to avoid paying many of the taxes they should be paying).

@Antanicus That quote remains accurate. It's so gross. The other big one, that I hear a lot in mainstream political discourse, is "taxpayer." This is, of course, part of the neoliberal "treat everything like the market" agenda. So we look at what people pay into the government as taxpayers, rather than our role as citizens. It also devalues anyone who's poor enough that they don't pay taxes and inflates the wealthy because they, in theory, pay more in taxes (but often don't).

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One thing that feels refreshing about Mastodon: I had forgotten what Twitter felt like before everyone had adopted this sort of detached, condescending, ironic persona. I never thought I’d be one to argue against irony or snark, but when you’re bombarded day in and day out by people dunking each other it can start to really affect your outlook.

@applecandy Yep. Our camping experiences will be mostly the same as in the past, just a little more comfortable.

@WelshPixie Yeah, it's pretty great! It's tiny and lightweight enough that it can go just about anywhere a tent can, since we don't typically do backcountry camping.

People keep tooting links and then, by the time I've read the story, I've lost the toot and can't boost it.

So, um, here is a blog post *someone* shared earlier, about David Chen quitting Twitter (apparently David is an influencer or something, I dunno; it's an interesting post, either way).

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I'm morbidly curious to see all the ways people eventually manage to turn Mastodon instances to the dark side.

You could set up a Mastodon instance for free, grow it to be huge, and then sell all the instance's data for money. You could do all kinds of weird shit.

@applecandy Yep. It's probably no bigger than the tent we've been using the past few years, so we won't really be adding much to our gear. The nice thing with the trailer is we can put everything in the various storage spaces and just leave it more worrying about accidentally forgetting so important piece of camping gear!

@applecandy Thanks! We like it. It's tiny, but it's all we need.

@allan So apparently the air quality is going to get even worse later today. Fun!

I lost track of who shared this link earlier, but continues to track your location even when you explicitly tell it not too.

I really need to look at going full FOSS-droid at some point. I just with OSM didn't completely suck for navigation. Google Maps is great for that. Maybe I could get an old school, dedicated GPS unit for use in the car.

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Whenever someone deactivates "Save location history", somewhere at Google someone falls from their chair laughing.

Let's be serious: #Google has finally lost all trust. Or can anyone else take their privacy settings seriously?

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When we get smoke days like this I like to remind people, in the area, that we have a network of air monitoring stations. You can check the data on how bad it is outside.
In Edmonton:
In Ft. Saskatchewan:
These will tell you the air quality index, but also break down *why* (in this case because of pm2.5s)

You can also look at the smoke forecast to see where the smoke is coming from and when it may clear

I mentioned this in passing yesterday, but we bought a trailer on Monday night. I'm looking forward to many years of adventuring in this little box.

@Antanicus The local paper has photos:

I can only imagine what it must be like for people west of the mountains, closer to the fires.

@msh @krruzic @Antanicus You can actually see the sun?! It's been like that up here on and off for days. Today, I literally haven't been able to see the sun (might be better now, since I haven't been outside for about an hour).

@krruzic @Antanicus You guys might even have it worse, being closer to the mountains.

@maloki I just went over there to look and, wow, they seem...I'm not sure if "paranoid" is even the right word...