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@pinkprius Well, at least you're doing your part. As a customer, I would always say yes to that, especially for baby clothes because tiny baby hangers are actually kind of hard to find.

@pinkprius In fact, I know for sure that some stores *do* reuse their hangers (I used to work at one), so it's just mind-boggling to me that some places just throw them away.

@pinkprius Wow, really? I always assumed stores kept the hangers to reuse them...that would make sense from a purely economic sense, never mind avoiding waste and environmental degradation.

@nyquildotorg This is bizarre. I thought Luminary was blocking Gimlet, Anchor, etc. because of reasons. But, actually, Gimlet and the NYT asked not to be included in Luminary's directory. Why? That makes no sense. They make money from ads, so wider distribution = better.

On the other hand, the proprietary shows on things like Luminary and Spotify do seem to break the norm of what a podcast is, so the (admittedly awkward) distinction between "show" and "podcast" makes sense.

@opendork Same. Going into a movie or TV show spoiler-free is nice, but generally even if I know major plot points, or even the ending, I usually don't feel it's ruined the experience as a whole (exceptions for things like M. Night Shyamalan movies, where enjoyment of the plot often requires no prior knowledge of "the twist").

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@GreenandBlack I was going to add that large machinery is just cool and probably kinda fun to mess around with (especially if it's not your actual job), but then I realized this was in the context of Corbyn driving a bus and...I dunno. Public transit is good so at least that's good?

Having been a frequent bus passenger, I think being a bus driver would be a crap job, but it's unionized and has a pension, so it's among the better crap jobs.

@GreenandBlack It makes them feel like they're doing real work for a change. It's the same reason they pose for photo ops where everyone has removed their jackets and rolled up their sleeves. They're "getting down to work."

@theoutrider Musky

I bet the LAN parties smelled great.

@ShaunBartone Yeah, it's pretty big. I think the federal greens may see an increase in vote count this time (though probably not enough to amount to more than one or two extra seats, for a variety of reasons). I can see them making gains at the provincial level over the next few elections, though. I wonder if they'll pick up any seats in Newfoundland. My gut says no, but I don't know NFLD politics beyond hearing my in-laws complain (often rightly so).

@keithzg @Douglewars This kind of thing is not unheard of in India. They really try to get everyone to vote and the laws say no one should have to travel more than 2km to get to a polling station, so they take portable voting machines out into some pretty remote areas for people to have access.

It's not a perfect system (is there such a thing?), but they really do seem intent on making sure all 900 million eligible voters have easy access to a voting booth.

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Trans culture should just appropriate gender reveal parties.
I'd go to an adult gender reveal are you kidding?

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the idea that you can stop working and travel and engage in hobbies and stuff is a good-ish kind of dream but it's very much a limited I-got-mine dream and doesn't fit with the majority of human history.

... a better dream would be for all of us not to have to wait until we're nearly 70 (if we live that long) and if we've had a job that paid much more than average and we had a retirement plan and we didn't have life catastrophes, etc. etc. etc.

... what if we could all travel and engage in hobbies and also work but in life-affirming ways and didn't have to wait for a mixture of privilege/luck/exploitation and living long enough to make that happen.


My entire office suddenly smells like a bologna sandwich.

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hi everyone - a government that denies its prisoners the right to vote is a government that now has an extremely vested interest in jailing its political opposition.

Thank you to coming to this, the literal first class of Civics 101

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@tek Going against the flow of rush hour is great. Years ago, I lived downtown and worked in a suburb, so was always going the opposite way of most other commuters. My drive was a breeze. Transit to the area was sadly lacking.

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Pissing off people on all sides of the political spectrum by insisting that Vladimir Lenin was in the Beatles and refusing to change my mind