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Honza Pokorny @honza

So, let's talk about tiny keyboards (40%). There are a few fun specimens that have recently been "in the news".

* MiniVan
* Planck
* Vortex Core

@thurloat Never mind, I can't read. Carry on.

@thurloat Well, ... it's a recommendation, not a hard rule.

When someone writes and open source project, includes a LICENSE file, I look inside and see:

ME: Oh okay, It's Apache licensed.

LICENSE: `Copyright {yyyy} {name of copyright owner}`

LICENSE: My header is also not included in any of the source.

ME: mastodon.club/media/lxy4ISV5YG

@thurloat Making things prettier with prettier

Over the weekend, I learned about the very exciting phenomenon of 40% keyboards like MiniVan, Planck, and Vortex. I have watched and read all kinds of reviews, and the idea is very intriguing to me. Anyone tried one of these beasts?

@thurloat Are you still on MX browns? Trying to figure out what other switches I should try. I had the reds on my Das a few years back, and now I'm using weighted Topre.

@thurloat First time eating and making sushi. I was very pleased with the result. I hate the smell of seaweed but I like it when eating it. Avocado was the best filling for me. No one else in the family liked it. :( mastodon.club/media/_8iHkTj-EU

@thurloat LOL *shrug* I saw it in a random youtube video. I don't know anything about sushi.

@thurloat Just gonna do combinations of cucumber, carrot, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro. We'll see what happens.

@thurloat Going to attempt to make vegan sushi for supper tonight. I think the kids might hate me.

@thurloat Reading this gives me a great sense of life satisfaction because I just realized that I taught you how to use vim :)

Yes, I am *that* guy who opens issues on GitHub projects without licenses...