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The Cortex core is the only keyboard that you can buy assembled. Compared to the others, it's rather cheap at only USD 114 (+ shipping and taxes). It comes in Cherry Brown, Blue, Red, Clear, and Black. You can also buy on Amazon for about CAD 280.

I have been thinking about replacing my Realforce 87U but not quite sure yet. I'd probably go with the Vortex just because of price (and it looks awesome!).

Anyone interested in splitting shipping to Halifax? :)

Honza Pokorny @honza

@thurloat I was thinking blue but not really sure about anything yet. :)

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@honza let me know if you're going to go in on something, my trigger finger is super itchy on a 40%

@thurloat I'm also rather intrigued by the Atreus. But I'm very indecisive :)

@honza looks a bit janky to me. Not as nice and clean as the Vortex

@thurloat That is very true. But the angled layout, and staggered-columned keys are nice.

@thurloat tfw you watched a couple of youtube reviews of your own keyboard and then you remember why you bought it in the first place, and now you feel like you were unfaithful before when you were looking at other keyboards...