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Honza Pokorny @honza

Where should I register a new domain?

10yo is making good progress on his weather utility


Tonight's lesson: leaking API keys on GitHub, error handling, and the GPL!

So, I ended up selling the Realforce, and I replaced it with an Ergodox. It's absolutely epic, and so worth it.

@thurloat What have you done to me? I have already spent hours since yesterday reading about all this fedi stuff.

Webpack developers are such children. There is a configuration option called `screw_ie8`. A++

If you ever feel like you do have not done anything important in this world, remember that there are whole teams of people that get up every day and go work on the Bing search engine.

@dgood I tried self-hosting a few years ago and it was a nightmare. Why can't we have nice things?

@thurloat tfw you watched a couple of youtube reviews of your own keyboard and then you remember why you bought it in the first place, and now you feel like you were unfaithful before when you were looking at other keyboards...

@thurloat That is very true. But the angled layout, and staggered-columned keys are nice.

@thurloat I'm also rather intrigued by the Atreus. But I'm very indecisive :)

@thurloat I was thinking blue but not really sure about anything yet. :)

I have been thinking about replacing my Realforce 87U but not quite sure yet. I'd probably go with the Vortex just because of price (and it looks awesome!).

Anyone interested in splitting shipping to Halifax? :)

The Cortex core is the only keyboard that you can buy assembled. Compared to the others, it's rather cheap at only USD 114 (+ shipping and taxes). It comes in Cherry Brown, Blue, Red, Clear, and Black. You can also buy on Amazon for about CAD 280.

The Planck is awesome because it's ortholinear. Still not exactly cheap but doable (USD 105 + taxes, shipping, switches, and keycaps). Soldering required.

The MiniVan is the best option in my mind. However, it's ridiculously expensive (300 USD + import taxes, shipping, switches, and keycaps), and the author says he's not planning on running another massdrop. And you have to solder the damn thing yourself.