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@mhall119 Let's ask @uaa what he's doing with it -- he's who I learned about it from.

@gemlog @mhall119 well, I don't know why I called to this thread but exactly I have Lichee Pi nano. This board (LPi nano) does not have any network connection but LCD/audio capability.
I think this board is for old ARM (not Cortex but ARM9 core) fans. Here is the processor F1C100s datasheet, please read this and check whether this SoC fits your project. linux-sunxi.org/images/b/ba/F1

Ɠεɱɩoɠ Bluenose @gemlog

@uaa @mhall119 @gemlog
It is because you introduced us to this board and we wondered what your project would be.

@gemlog @gemlog @mhall119 my project... Simply I want to play wih old ARM9 CPU core, not modern Cortex. Now I am trying to port KOZOS, a tiny embedded OS for education. (web page is written in Japanese) kozos.jp/

@uaa @gemlog @mhall119
I am too old to learn 3-4 different writing systems! :-)
Here is a computer translation of the site