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dgood @dgood

@thurloat I don't get it either and have no interest in multiple accounts.

@Flumberbug @thurloat drink spilling for the *really* good posts

@thurloat I dig it. Is that an instance customization of mastodon-wide?

@thurloat Cool, I assume the glass is exactly the same as the old favorite, and the save for later is the new?

OK I think I get it now

What is this socialable icon?

@thurloat this is a good way to get flamed on company wide mailing lists :)

kubernetes is broken with selinux every damn time I turn around...


@thurloat frankly I think we've all had enough of your tyranny

@butlermatt @thurloat in all seriousness playing with the protocols that back this would be quite fun. I periodically tinker with a photo management project I wanted to write (that probably isn't going anywhere) that I'd like to hook up to this gnusocial stuff, though I'm not sure how it would work yet.

@butlermatt @thurloat so it's settled then, we write a sister project from scratch in go. See you guys on github!

@thurloat @butlermatt dang, a little worse than I'd hoped. :) actually an order of magnitude. :)

@butlermatt @thurloat that's a little scary, I can see how that'll be really common with smaller instance horizontal scaling :(

@thurloat @butlermatt in your opinion is mastodon a little too much for individuals to host?

was going to ask what you thought a $5-10/mo VPC could handle in terms of users.

@thurloat @butlermatt yeah that is a concern, I wonder how it will play out long term, it's gonna be real interesting to watch

@butlermatt @thurloat to me it just seems like building something to rival twitter at centralized scale would be near impossible. Decentralizing seems like it takes away the mega-scale problems and makes it a solvable problem for open source contributors / hosts.

i.e. more people need to come up with a little bit of resources rather than one group coming up with a lot of resources, and solving *huge* scaling problems.

Just impressions though and I might be mistaken.

@butlermatt @thurloat that is exactly what I would have expected too. It's interesting how decentralizing impacts that decision though, makes extreme performance much less of a concern. No doubt they'll be fighting ruby limitations on larger instances but at least you can always just scale horizontally, and it is productive for contributors if nothing else.

How's your instance holding up @thurloat