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Can anyone recommend a free or really cheap way to forward domain email to Gmail? (excluding G Suite for now, but it's a possibility if I can't find anything else)

Looks like my postfix server is getting rate limited by Google, presumably because of all the spam I'm forwarding to myself. The logs are full of crap I don't understand though so I'm thinking it might be time to stop self-hosting.

@dgood someone mentioned cloudns.net to me the other day for mail forwarding, never checked it out -- but it might work.

Alternatively, don't most transactional email services have inbound handling/forwarding too (mailjet/mandrill/sparkpost).

dgood @dgood

@thurloat clouddns looks like a really good fit

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@dgood @thurloat I have my DNS with mail forwarding through Zoneedit. There are occasional issues, so i'm thinking of paying for my dns with google itself since they already host my mail.

@Toxic_Flange @dgood if you're going to pay, why not protonmail for domain mail? I'm using them for mastodon.club/moosetodon.ca and it's been fantastic so far.

also keeps go\ogle's grubby hands off your data.

@thurloat @dgood huh.. thats not an awful idea. I'll investigate that, thanks! But as I think about it, the main reason for google with DNS is the occasional forwarding issue, where mails may not come through.. thats what i'm a bit worried about.

@thurloat @Toxic_Flange yeah keeping them away would be nice, will check out proton.

@Toxic_Flange @thurloat would that be google domains, or g suite? I sadly already bought my domain until 2022, don't really wanna transfer to a new registrar.

@dgood @thurloat google domains.. Haven't quite dug into the details just yet.