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The new OpenShift Online is now open for business. If you've ever wanted to play with Kubernetes for free, come get some. (1GB RAM / storage)


@dgood how is today's openshift different than the openshift of 4 years ago? I haven't been following the project.

@thurloat Completely new project now, that would have been v2, a custom built PaaS using underlying Linux LXC. Things changed dramatically and we decided to rebuild v3 on top of Kubernetes and docker/moby/cri-o.

@dgood neat, I'll have to play with it again at some point. I'm doing an increasing amount of kube work, so it kinda fits in :)

dgood @dgood

@thurloat cool! it's a really handy way to tinker IMO, I'm going to move one of my pet apps to the free cluster soon.

I'm actually joining the team that writes the code and keeps these online hosted clusters up and running on Monday, kind of looking forward to it.

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@dgood are the public hosted clusters running on openstack?

@thurloat no these free ones are on AWS right now. OpenStack, GCP, and I think Azure either now or soon all supported.

@dgood also, congrats on the team change. always fun to dive into new projects :)