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hellllooo friends! time for another announcement!


is a real thing now. it's an instance (not mine) where admins are gonna talk about admin shit.

if you're an admin join up!

if you're interested in what admins are up to i guess you can also join up or follow us or use a tool to read off the public feed or gosh i dunno, probably lots of options

this is a direct response to calls for greater insight/transparency into admin discussions. work is ongoing!

feel free to boost

@bea but i am an admin doing admin things here, not sure why i'd need an alt in a federated network :P

@Gargron EUGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't

@bea would've been a prime use case for !groups though

@Gargron this is happening exactly because we don't have groups. if we get them it will probably disappear

@bea +1 for groups, -1 for the stupid bangtag syntax though. need some alternative idea of how to address toots to the groups that doesn't involve butchering human-used punctuation

@gargron @bea I agree with this totally, I imagine some kind of mailing list / stackoverflow style site where you define new discussions in topical groups.

Not sure how this would be accomplished with the existing system, or if it would be best to have the communication take place off instance and use openid or some sort of SSO to log in using your original identity. Then essentially subscribe to atom feeds for each group discussion that you can filter locally.

@thurloat @bea @gargron it's putting too much emphasis on local timelines which just aren't that flexible. Would be better solved by groups, communities, tags, *something*, but not separate instances and accounts.

@dgood @thurloat @Gargron i think this is generally known and regarded as true, however there are demands to address things in a timely manner and so we're doing the best with what we have

groups and tags and stuff are likely to be non-trivial features and admin business can't really wait for them

dgood @dgood

@bea @thurloat @gargron fair and my mistake, was responding to @thurloat not intending to take a dig at your decision and work.

just personally not pursuing multiple accounts.