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dgood @dgood

@mairin if you do I'd be curious how it is

@Toxic_Flange maybe it's time to just forget it exists. :)

Mail forwarding update, it looks like GMail is getting more hostile to forwards incoming. Clouddns offers forwarding and explicitly documents the servers to use if you want to send to a major email provider, which will have to rewrite the From to get the email reliably delivered. (which is more than a little weird) They do this because Google also thinks they're just sending spam, which is basically what, 99% of what email is anyhow?

@honza I hear you man, it doesn't seem like it should be *that* hard to do. My logs are full of weird connections timing out, I can't understand why it's trying to send stuff to all these places despite being configured to only deal with certain domains. Makes me way too nervous.

@thurloat @Toxic_Flange yeah keeping them away would be nice, will check out proton.

@Toxic_Flange @thurloat would that be google domains, or g suite? I sadly already bought my domain until 2022, don't really wanna transfer to a new registrar.

@thurloat clouddns looks like a really good fit

@thurloat looking into these, thanks!

Can anyone recommend a free or really cheap way to forward domain email to Gmail? (excluding G Suite for now, but it's a possibility if I can't find anything else)

Looks like my postfix server is getting rate limited by Google, presumably because of all the spam I'm forwarding to myself. The logs are full of crap I don't understand though so I'm thinking it might be time to stop self-hosting.

our little guy is away to the grandparents for the first time and we are very confused

@yan 60 days! well that's a pleasant surprise.

maybe a good approach to any customer service. "should be done in (actual time) * 400"

@yan @thurloat the first episode was weird for us, the humour was quite foreign to us, but later we got utterly hooked.

@thurloat no these free ones are on AWS right now. OpenStack, GCP, and I think Azure either now or soon all supported.

@yan definitely two of my all time favorites

@thurloat cool! it's a really handy way to tinker IMO, I'm going to move one of my pet apps to the free cluster soon.

I'm actually joining the team that writes the code and keeps these online hosted clusters up and running on Monday, kind of looking forward to it.

@thurloat Completely new project now, that would have been v2, a custom built PaaS using underlying Linux LXC. Things changed dramatically and we decided to rebuild v3 on top of Kubernetes and docker/moby/cri-o.

The new OpenShift Online is now open for business. If you've ever wanted to play with Kubernetes for free, come get some. (1GB RAM / storage)


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@Flumberbug @dgood maybe the animation should be a raise and a quick 5 degree tilt, then back down.

@bea @thurloat @gargron fair and my mistake, was responding to @thurloat not intending to take a dig at your decision and work.

just personally not pursuing multiple accounts.

@thurloat @bea @gargron it's putting too much emphasis on local timelines which just aren't that flexible. Would be better solved by groups, communities, tags, *something*, but not separate instances and accounts.