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Mark Gordon ⚓️ @cognish

@Douglewars The right one might have been okay but it is unsafe to replace just one side. Especially true in the case of front wheel drive car and front tires. Stay safe!

I worked a volunteer shift for a casino yesterday (non-Albertans: please don't embarrass us by asking WTF?!). If you can afford the time, do it. You'll meet interesting, engaged citizens!

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@thurloat +1,000,000 geek points for "kind of a fun adventure" 👏

Oh goody: Google is working on a "dramatic redesign" of its Android operating system.

Google Fit app thinks I spent 3+ hours bicycling yesterday. Actually was breaking trail on snowshoes above Lake Louise. Glorious conditions. 😀

@SarcasmKid Good one. If I were to see a travel guide to Canada (my country) misshelved, I would enjoy seeing it under Poetry or Myth!

Today I learned that zip ties (a personal favourite) can fail in exciting ways in extreme cold.

Tonight I made a fair sized batch of popcorn and ate just about all of it.
Because eating a third of a stick of butter by itself would be gross. 🙄

@lx @Miller_Geek - LibreOffice has a “cloud” based service that you can spin up on your own if you prefer an office suite in a browser.

This is the Crown Graphic camera with which my father earned his living after WWII.

In recent years, I often walk in my neighbourhood. When I encounter other walkers I always say "hello", "hiya" or some such. Sometimes people remain silent. Sometimes they seem pleasantly surprised and may even reply. I've never regretted greeting someone.

Tonight, for the first time, someone greeted me ("good evening", with a broad smile) before I could speak! 😀

@xvu @Modern_Industrial +1 for spending little at the outset. There is so much one can learn re composition and light (and what subjects appeal to you). Photographers have created great photos with primitive cameras.

@thurloat Makes me realize my understanding of what might be considered "noise" has evolved a great deal over the decades.