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Mark Gordon ⚓️ @cognish

@Douglewars The alarm was generated because it was a new fangled piece of crap called a "smart alarm". Done!

@Douglewars Yuppers. Now I buy them only if I am giving data to someone, expecting to never see the drive again.

My primary masto account is now @puzzled on

"The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable." --John Kenneth Galbraith (lifted from slashdot)

FB says I "have no available [Off-Facebook] activity to show at this time". This led to
1. some satisfaction that my opsec practice accomplished this
2. TFW someone with power is lying to you.

@ink_slinger DEC LA120s made a cool sound. And FOUR TIMES the speed of the LA36 I once owned.
i old

A friends admitted she has written 1919 when she meant 2020. She might've been trying to cheer me up.

@Douglewars I think @thurloat just glares at it and the instance resumes service out of terror. 😉

@mpjgregoire @keithzg I lean toward "in my head", but after pondering your question I think it would be odd if the body did not have *some* degree of seasonal adjustment to tweak its readiness to produce heat... 🤔

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the local Starbucks's fancy, new Dyson hand dryer was gone, leaving three bare wires in the wall (!). I asked the barista who said it had been stolen. And at least one other SB had suffered the same theft.

@mpjgregoire @keithzg In the fall, when temperatures descend to +14 or so, I lose interest in my bicycle. In spring, though, +14 is a *wonderful* invitation to take out the bike!

@Douglewars That's funny. It's always SO obvious at the time.

Just watched 1917. Very sobering. Very well done.

TFW an ad for a vehicle trumpets discounts that exceed your entire budget for a new car.

TIL that, owing to the materials used to make the ink, there is such a thing as a vegan tattoo. This is unlikely to affect me.

@ink_slinger I see these AI missteps as comforting evidence that skynet is not on the immediate horizon 👍

@Douglewars I imagine a note written with soya sauce on rice paper and consumed after reading. Yum.

I finally installed CO detectors in the house. Every time I walk by them I notice the big fat zero on their red LED displays and I feel like I'm getting gypped.

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