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Mark Gordon ⚓️ @cognish

I'm a fan of Bob's Burger. The voice actor for Linda Belcher is... interesting to watch!

@allan 🍻 here's to The Life of a Programmer. On the plus side, if God could do the things we can, she'd be a happy woman.

@xvu Hmm... Long time ago! The locals were very friendly (listened patiently to my poor Spanish). Was not keen on troops of teenaged soldiers, armed with automatic rifles, patrolling some towns.

Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango were lovely. We did a lot of hiking around.

We saw several notices posted by tourists, warning about places where tourists had been robbed, raped, killed by bandits. We got the hell out after only a few days. Went to Costa Rica.

@keithzg That's funny. And believable. I don't have a problem with the people in city planning. The appeal system is skewed towards developers. If you have an opportunity to visit an SDAB hearing, it can be educational.

@ink_slinger @archangelic I'm hoping NPR et al will be too sensitive to public opinion to "pull a stitcher". But it is concerning.

@xvu When I was in Guatemala in the early 90's it was the same price! (Didn't do it, was on a schedule)

@ink_slinger @sconlan Wow. I've got to wonder if anyone who thinks being elected + unpaid is somehow not volunteering has never volunteered...?

@xvu Glad you understand my treasonous statement! Now I can calmly watch the Jets. Well, sorta calmly...

@xvu chuckle... when my local team, the Oilers, were kicked out in round 2 last year it was (between you, me et al) a relief; oh, the stress! It's hard work, coaching your team via TV.

@xvu Did NOT see the Leafs drawing even at 3-3.

Got into my very warm car at the end of the workday. Turned on "no heat" and "driver air" for first time in 6 months. Finally, set the blower to maximum. Got a face full of road dust! Spring is funny. 🙃

@xvu Just saw your toot. Let us 😢 together.

At this point I'm thinking, at least we still have the ✈s.

@ink_slinger @allan I've chaired six league AGMs. Unless your community is involved in a high stress controversy, I bet members will be forgiving so long as you are earnest and transparent. I think that afterward you'll be happy you served!

Ah, the Spring of Deception. Those were heady days. 🌨 🌨

from IRC:

<@pushcx> Ruby is what happened when Perl got lonely and Smalltalk got drunk.

About to listen to a short story with a great title: "A Little Song, A Little Dance, a Little Apocalypse Down Your Pants", by Robert Jeschonek

@allan @jasondclinton FWIW, my understanding (for that use case) is best to store lion batteries at half charge.