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Quest is hiring developers in Halifax!!

3 C#/.NET or web developers and 1 Developer In Test

Apply here:

@thurloat "In which color I should get my Lambo"

Maybe you should pay for grammar lessons first 😀

A city destroyed: The Halifax Explosion, 100 years later in 360-degrees

'Bang': One of the Halifax Explosion's last survivors on that fateful day

An Eyewitness To The Halifax Explosion

100 years ago, half of the city was destroyed.

Experience the through CBC's interactive recreation. See what it was like to be there on that day.

Excellent video that describes the situation leading up to the accident and the chemical processes that caused the Halifax Explosion.

Watch CTV W5 tonight at 7pm to learn about the Halifax Explosion.

December 6th will mark 100 years since (arguably) the largest disaster in Canadian history. It was the largest man made explosion before the invention of nuclear bombs.

You have to have grown up in Canada in the 80s to get it, but this is the best picture ever 😆

I often fail to properly articulate my point of view or philosophical stance. Luckily, someone else has articulated my thoughts for me:

I felt like I had to post something special for my 2100th toot.

@andyAstruc My profile says I'm official. That's good enough.

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Mr. Pineapple Goes to Washington

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A Streetcar Named Pineapple

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The Bridge Over the River Pineapple

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Pineapples of Arabia

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To Kill A Pineapple